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The Champions League and Europa league returned this week to bless us with quality midweek football. This also meant that we could shower you with huge jackpots (midweek Pick 15) and rollovers (Champions League Pick 4), which provide punters with ample opportunity to win big! On a side note, we were also blessed to see THAT Ronaldo goal.

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40p into £10,000!

Our Champions League Pick 4 rollover was looking like it may not be won! Some quite unpredictable results left a minimal amount of units left at full time… Then we found this corker… 40 PENCE into £10,000! Incredible scenes…


GoingForGold’s Syndicate scoops an NBA Jackpot! 

We’ve had some huge winners in our NBA pools before, 5/5s and consolations alike, and this ticket below makes no exception. Five green squares means 5/5 selections – if the captain hadn’t cashed out 60% of the ticket they would’ve scooped the whole £2,500! However, hindsight is a wonderful thing… And safety first!


This one is already a winner

Our midweek Pick 15 is not even over yet… But one punter has already banked £8,000 in Cash-Outs and is still in the hunt for a massive £200,000. They need three home wins from the next three legs and have a nice home double chance in the final leg. Let’s see if they go all the way!


£4,000 Pick 15 cash out for TipsterCharlie

Seconds before Juventus v AC Milan and Sevilla v Barcelona kicked off, Tipster Charlie Cashed-Out his whole syndicate – perhaps a dubious decision. However, Sevilla managed to get a draw against Barcelona which he had not covered, and with latter legs also not coming in he may not have seen such an offer of that size for this ticket again! 10x return on investment, not too shabby!

2/4 Still sees large return on investment!

New Syndicate Captain TipsterCharlie took on the Pick 4 rollover this week, and things started excellently. Charlie managed to predict Real Madrid winning at Juventus 3-0 and Bayern Munich beating Sevilla 2-1 in Spain.

With a decent amount of selections also covered in the final two legs, a huge £6,000 offer was on the table for consideration. The final two legs did not come in for Charlie, but wisely he had cashed 50% of the Syndicate ticket for £3,000. 6x return on investment for a 2/4 ticket... Not bad at all.


Anyway… These are the best of the week so far folks, if you want to get involved in a Syndicate, click here.

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