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Two of the Colossus Bets big jackpot pools were won this weekend! The Pick 15 AND the Ligue 1 Millionaire were both won. These three punters played brilliant tickets to scoop the jackpots, two of which coming from our partners at Betclic and Matchbook.


€1.60 Customer Wins Over €11,600

With eight €0.20 lines, this Betclic customer placed a winning ticket into the Pick 15. Having navigated all Saturday fixtures, including Liverpool’s win over Arsenal, the customer made use of Partial Cash Out . Cashing out 70% of the ticket before Lorient vs Marseille, the customer had now banked €2,083 . They went on to pocket a further €1,517 after that leg for another 20% of the ticket.

With three remaining legs, the customer had €3,061 banked but still owned 10% of the ticket leaving them in with a shout at €16,000. With Chelsea’s win on Monday night, the customer’s win and €8,011 dividend were confirmed.


In total this customer has come away with €11,612.29 from a €1.60 ticket! They also have the opportunity to play a selection into the bonus leg and play for the €80,000 jackpot. With their 10% ticket ownership, this could take their potential total to a staggering €19,612.29!


Matchbook Player Wins Over £32,000 from £3.20

This Matchbook customer had a winning ticket in our Ligue 1 Millionaire pool. Playing 16 lines at £0.20, his ticket cost him only £3.20! The first four selections all successfully navigated, the customer Cashed Out 50% for £617.90. After leg 5, he went on to Cash Out a further 10% for £977.39, taking his total Cashed Out to £1,595.29 with one leg left to go. The 1-1 draw in Toulouse vs Lille resulted in a £30,787.40 winning dividend! Overall they took home £32,382.69 from their £3.20 ticket (a return of more than 10,119 of the initial ticket cost!).


The customer now takes his final 40% into the Ligue 1 Millionaire bonus leg, with a jackpot of £100,000. Meaning that with his 40% ownership, he could come away with a grand total over £36,000 from a £3.20 stake!


Turning £0.40 into Over £76,931

Another example of a low ticket cost winning a big jackpot pool. This Colossus Bets customer placed a ticket with two £0.20 lines into the Ligue 1 Millionaire pool. He was not tempted by Cash Out offers when Marseille lead 2-0 at half time of leg five and an ‘Other Away Win’ was needed. He trusted in his selection and his faith was repaid when they ran out 4-1 winners. The customer claimed a £76,931 dividend after Benzia equalised for Lille in the 80th minute.


This customer now has a the opportunity to play into the bonus leg with a £100,000 jackpot up for grabs! With potential winnings at £176,931 from only £0.40!

Colossal Cash Out

There was also a Betway Ghana customer who took home a healthy figure with the help of Cash Out! Read about it HERE.


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