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Football Syndicate captain leads ticket to £19,139 WIN!

So you’re presented with picking the correct score from an Under 21 game, a Japanese league game, one Brazilian fixture and a Confederations cup match. One of the beauties of Syndicates is – you don’t have to make the selections. Every Syndicate is put together by the captain and it’s their job to make those all important picks on behalf of the Syndicate. It’s as easy as finding a ticket you like the look of and joining it.

The total ticket cost here was a very modest £2 and our hopeful captain needed to front the first 10% of the total cost (20p). A low cost Syndicate with only one line played, but who’s to say it couldn’t be effective? With 90% of the ticket still needing to be funded, the rest of the Syndicate members soon came forward.

Four players came to the table, two of which were playing through our partners at Nairabet and the other two being fellow Colossus users.

With the ticket now fully funded and placed into the pool it was time to sit back and wait for Saturday night to see how the opening fixture would play out.

Since Syndicates launched in February there has been quite a community that has built up – mainly through Twitter, with many captains choosing to communicate and discuss potential selections or Cash-Out decisions. This captain ‘Tim1982’ however, was definitely more of a strong and silent captain as there was no sign of him on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter…

Nailing the first fixture thanks to Italy’s 1-0 win over Germany, it was onto Sunday and the need for a 1-1 draw in ALL of the remaining three fixtures. Surely it couldn’t happen, could it?

He put his team through a fair bit of agony during the latter stages of the ride. Would he Cash Out? Did he know he had a Cash Out offer? Did he even know that the ticket was still live going into the final leg?!

Sam from Hastings was delighted with the outcome in the end. His 20p contribution won him a handsome £1,913 as the final three matches finished with the desired 1-1 outcomes! He endured a stressful time in the build up though.


‘This particular one stood out because it was playing for 10k so I thought what the hell, it’s worth 20p. Hopefully it gets past leg 2 and has a decent Cash Out.  Soon as the Chile game ended I was offered just over £200 so was expecting some profit to be banked by the captain. When nothing came, I was glued to my phone for the entire final game just praying. When the final whistle went, I was absolutely buzzing! Shame it was a Sunday evening, otherwise I’d of been straight out on the beers.’


Captain leads Sam to glory

The Syndicate won £19,139 and Sam walked away with £1,913


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