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    Solo player claims five-figure dividend from Correct Score pool

    A solo player landed a staggering return in the £30,000 Correct Score – Pick 4 pool over the weekend, taking home a five-figure return after correctly predicting the outcome of all four Euro 2020 quarter-finals.

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    £18 ticket lands stunning win in Pick 8 pool

    A Syndicate led by Colossus Captain Vuoksenmaa – ESBC converted £18 into an almighty four-figure win over the weekend, by conquering the Rollover 1X2 Pick 8 pool. 32,977 units entered the £44,626 jackpot pool, with Vuoksenmaa and his 36 line ticket playing for a quarter of the huge total.

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    New player scoops huge win days after joining Colossus

    A brand new Colossus player introduced themselves in sensational style over the weekend by landing an enormous five-figure win in the Rollover 1X2 Pick 8 pool. Their £96 ticket had 48 different lines in the £39,792 pool, comprising European World Cup qualifiers as well as League One matches, and afforded them multiple selections in each of the opening five legs, all of which took place on Saturday.

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    Syndicate Cash Out losing bet for £16,000+

    Following his extraordinary win in the £800,000 Pick 15 last month, Syndicate Captain ‘im the bkpool tower’ (ITBT) was at it again over the weekend. This time, however, he guided his Syndicate to an outrageous five-figure return from a losing ticket thanks to some perfectly times Cash Out decisions.

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    Syndicate land enormous five-figure win in Pick 15 pool

    Colossus Captain and regular big pool winner ‘im the bkpool tower’ (ITBT) guided his 47-person Syndicate to an enormous win in the £800,000 1X2 Pick 15 pool over the weekend. The group joined together to fund a £194 ticket but, opting to play for £0.

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    Syndicate win five-figure consolation prize in Pick 15

    Have you ever wondered just how valuable a Colossus consolation prize can be? An incredible story unfolded over the weekend as one Syndicate Captain landed a staggering five-figure return from a losing ticket.

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    BetBoss Syndicate land fantastic win in the Pick 8

    Colossus Captain BetBoss and their Syndicate celebrated the return of the Premier League in fine style over the weekend by landed a fantastic four-figure win in the £34,426 Rollover Pick 8 pool. The Syndicate had covered their bases by backing multiple options in the early legs which proved to be an extremely shrewd call as shocks were on the cards.

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    Solo player lands huge win in Correct Score pool

    A solo player had an extremely memorable weekend after their single line ticket landed them a massive return in the £30,000 Correct Score – Pick 4 pool. With just a single selection in each of the four legs, there was no room for anything but perfection and the ticket got off to a great start as Frankfurt beat Wolfsburg, courtesy of an 85th minute winner, that sealed a 2-1 win for the away side.

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    Pick 8 player converts £1 ticket in four-figure win

    There were unbelievable scenes in the 1X2 Rollover Pick 8 over at the weekend, as one player converted a £1 ticket into an astonishing four-figure win. The Rollover pool, featuring games from the Belarusian Premier League, had reached £40,868 with 29,398 units entered as the first leg got underway on Friday afternoon.

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    Player lands huge four-figure win in Belarusian Premier League Pick 8

    In a strange time for the world of football, and indeed the world at large, the vast majority of global leagues are currently suspended until further notice. The one notable exception in recent weeks has been the Belarusian Premier League which has deviated from the pack and is operating like normal.


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