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The Colossus Winners – end of season review 2016/17

Salute to the Colossus Winners of 2016/17

The Premier League goes into hibernation again after another action packed season and what a treat we were given here at Colossus! It was a pretty comfy ride home for league winners Chelsea in the end as they cruised to the Premier League title with a record THIRTY wins – but some of  our Colossus faithful certainly had a more stressful time of it.

You gave us six figure wins, six figure near misses and how can we forget Syndicates! The buzz created since the launch of the Crowfunding phenomenon has been amazing – here’s to many more winning Syndicates!

Here, we take a look back at some of the success stories of the season, whilst also giving a nod to those that came oh so close…


190 person Syndicate wins £44k

We couldn’t not start without a mention to Syndicates. The community has really grown in the months since we launched and we’ve seen plenty of success stories along the way, including bbtipster, Ian Buckley and Brandon25 to name but a few! But narrowly missing out on £150k, TwoPoundPunt and his 190 Asian Handicap team have come closest to the monster win. The Syndicate finished the pool with £44k in Cash Outs and Consolations! Read the full story – HERE

Asian handicap Syndicate


Over the moon with £131k

It was only our third ever run of the £250k Over/Under pool, we thought you’d go easy on us to begin with. That wasn’t the case at all for this German based player who went straight for the throat! After a dozen legs he’d Cashed Out 50% of his ticket for £3,576 – so there would be no going home empty handed regardless of the later results. Resisting a Cash-Out offer of over £71k, he stuck it out to win a further £127,537. Staggering! Read the full story – HERE

Pick 20 Over Under


£173k Kwame shows us how it’s done!

Life changing stuff for our Betway Ghana player Kwame who was 14/14 in the Pick 15 before succumbing to a Cash Out that would land him that very hefty cheque, gaining instant access to the ‘Colossus Winners Club’. Walking away with a MASSIVE £173,763! Read the full story – HERE

Betway winning image


£2 bet wins Consolation prize of £31k

Moving onto December and a what a Christmas this player went on to have. Throwing a mere £2 into our Pick 6 pool (the jackpot had now surpassed a heady £5m), even if you were to miss out on the big prize by a whisker, the Consolations had now become seriously big value. For example, say you had the brainwave to go with an ‘Other Home’ win for Bournemouth over Liverpool, chances are, if it came in, not many other players would have selected the same – exactly what this genius did. Three tickets shared the 5/6 Consolation Prize and this player won a tidy £31,058. Read the full story – HERE


Pick 4 Rollover player turns £20 into £46k

International breaks are boring. There is no getting away from that. And November’s was going to be no different, so here at Colossus we thought we’d liven it up with an enormous Pick 4 rollover to create some winners. A full unit stake played for a ludicrous £776,310! With two draws in the opening legs, if you were still live in the pool, the dividend was going to be decent should you make it through. How does 20 quid into £46,842 sound? Very nice indeed. Read the full story – HERE


£8 Pick 6 player banks £65k on their LOSING ticket

Back to November now and our Pick 6 was rolling over more times than a piece of cheese going down a hill. So much so, that a full unit stake was now playing for over £4m! All of this meant that Cash Out offers were pretty handsome and this punter would back us up on that. They Cashed Out in three portions for a total sum of £65,100 prior to their sixth and final leg AND guess what? They called it spot on, as the bet went on to lose in the final leg. Read the full story – HERE


£25k Cash Out & near miss in FreePlay6

What’s not to like about FreePlay? ‘Super 6 on steroids’, your free hit at the Pick 6 with Cash Out and Consolations to boot. Lovely. Back in October, one player was a Spurs goal away from claiming 6/6 correct scores and a six figure prize. Agonisingly close, they ended up with a Consolation Prize of £1,279.

In the very same pool, a player staked £4 for a shot at the £1.8m prize and after nailing the first 4/4 correct, they banked 80% of their ticket for £7,617. Making the remaining two legs a little more relaxing with the Cash Out behind them, Everton duly obliged in disposing of West Ham 2-0 in leg five. One game remaining and a Cash Out offer of £17,591 was just too much to resist. Total winnings coming to £25,209! Well played sir.

Turn small stakes into big winnings on one of our next Big Jackpots – HERE

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