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£8 Pick 6 player uses Cash Out to the tune of £65k!

As £8 spends go, you’d be hard pressed to find one better than this Pick 6 ticket from last Saturday. Following another rollover of the pool the previous week, come kick-off at 3pm, a full unit stake would have you playing for a MASSIVE pool prize of £4,018,164.

After a very successful Saturday (3 results out of 3 correct) and having slept on their £3.3k Cash Out offer, this punter decided to sell 80% for the tidy sum of £2.6k. Too much too soon I hear you cry?

Next up in leg four was the big north London derby – our player, needing 1-1 for 4/4 was soon to be rewarded further with the inevitable Arsenal Spurs one all draw! Cue a new Cash Out offer for the remaining 20% of their ticket for £5.1k.

Too tempting to resist, they sold another 10% for £2.5k, leaving the punter with just 10% of their ticket remaining going into leg five! BUT, needing a 2-1 win for Hull, this probably wasn’t the best looking prediction…what do we know aye?!

Southampton took an early lead through Charlie Austin on 6 minutes, but into the second half, Hull sparked to life on the hour mark with two quick fire goals on 61 & 63. 30 minutes of goalless action needed for a potentially MASSIVE Cash Out offer!

FULL TIME – Hull 2-1 Southampton. NEW CASH OUT OFFER FOR REMAINING 10%: £59,829!

Too good to refuse, the remaining 10% was sold, taking total Cash Outs to the COLOSSAL sum of £65,100, for what ended up being a LOSING ticket after Lecister lost 2-1 at home to West Brom!

Cash Out

This Pick 6 player banked a grand total of £65,100 on a LOSING ticket using Cash Out!


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