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Liz Bhandari

Liz Bhandari aka NFLGirlUK is an American Football writer and podcast host. She is the host of the Cleats Off podcast – the show that brings you closer to the game you love. Each episode features a new story in American Football by interviewing players, legends, coaches, media personalities and more.

Liz is also co-host of the End Zone Scoop, a podcast where three girls (two Brits, one American) discuss the beautiful game of American Football.

Liz started following the sport in 2012 and has been on a mission to promote the game here in the UK, playing a huge part in building a community of fans by organising regular fan meet up events across Manchester and London.

She is also the founder of the popular weekly Twitter hour #NFLUKChat.

For more information about Liz and the NFLGirlUK blog, head to or find her on social media under the handle @NFLGirlUK.

Stories By Liz Bhandari

  • Sport

    Who will win the 2021 Super Bowl?

    This Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet in Super Bowl 2021 in Tampa, a week after a very unusual Pro Bowl, making the Buccaneers the first team to ever appear in a Super Bowl played at ‘home’.

  • Sport

    NFL Conference Championships preview

    This Sunday the road to the Super Bowl continues when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship and the Buffalo Bills take on the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC Championship.

  • Sport

    NFL betting tips: Back the Kansas City Chiefs to tame the Bears

    The Rollover – Pick 7 is picking up pace and is up to an enormous £213,000+. In the penultimate game week before the Playoffs begin, can NFLGirlUK unpick the locks required to take down this vast prize? She is feeling optimistic and believes that the Chicago Bears might be in for a long weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Sport

    NFL betting tips: Packers to keep Bears at bay

    With the Pick 7 Rollover now well over £200,000, NFLGirlUK is back with her preview of the upcoming NFL action, and she thinks the Green Bay Packers with give the bears a tough weekend. If you agree with her NFL betting tips, join her Syndicate here.

  • Sport

    NFL betting tips: Eagles to sink their claws into Giants

    With the Pick 7 Rollover passing £199,000, this will surely be the week that it sails through the £200,000 barrier. Despite some tricky results this season, somebody soon must win this staggering prize.

  • Sport

    NFL betting tips: Back the Chiefs in AFC West decider

    The elusive NFL Pick 7 Rollover has crept above the £195,000 mark and it is surely just a matter of time until somebody takes it home. NFLGirlUK is giving it a go this weekend and she believes that Kansas City can claim the AFC West in their grudge match against the Oakland Raiders.

  • Sport

    NFL betting tips: Panthers might need saving from the Saints

    The £186,000+ Rollover NFL Pick 7 continues to grow and NFLGirlUK is determined to be the one to take it down! She has previewed this week’s matches and reckons the New Orleans Saints could give the Panthers a torrid week.

  • Sport

    NFL Betting Tips: Cowboys should tame Lions on Sunday

    We asked NFL expert NFLGirlUK to have a crack at this weekend’s Rollover £182,000+ Pick 7 and she hasn’t let us down. She’s delivered her insight into each of the seven featured matches and strongly fancies the Cowboys to pile agony on the Lions.

  • Sport

    NFL betting tips: Ravens should embarrass toothless Bengals

    With the £179,000+ NFL Rollover – Pick 7 jackpot creeping ever higher, our resident NFL guru NFLGirlUK turns her attention to this weekend’s action in a bid to plot her way through the pool and she reckons the Bengals will be comfortably outclassed.

  • Sport

    NFL Tips: Seahawks should sink the Buccaneers

    The Rollover NFL Pick 7 rumbles on to another week and, with £176,000+ up for grabs, NFLGirlUK is determined to lead a Syndicate to a big win. She has compiled another brilliant preview of the weekend’s action and strongly fancies the Seahawks.

  • Sport

    NFL Tips: Texans should fear the Chiefs

    As the £165,000+ Rollover Pick 7 rumbles over to another week, NFLGirlUK is back to try and plot her way through the pool. This week she’s taken a top heavy approach to her Syndicate by covering plenty of selections in the earlier legs to try and get through to the Cash Out stage where big money can be won! If you agree with her NFL Tips then join her Syndicate.


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