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NFL betting tips: Back the Kansas City Chiefs to tame the Bears

The Rollover – Pick 7 is picking up pace and is up to an enormous £213,000+. In the penultimate game week before the Playoffs begin, can NFLGirlUK unpick the locks required to take down this vast prize? She is feeling optimistic and believes that the Chicago Bears might be in for a long weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs. If you agree with her picks, then join her Syndicate.


New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans

A crushing loss to the Texans last week means this becomes a must win game for the Titans. Even if they win out they aren’t guaranteed to make the playoffs.

The Saints are still chasing top seed in the NFC, coming off the back of Drew Brees’ record setting performance against the Colts. New Orleans are the stronger team across the board here but this game is outside and on turf which evens the playing field a bit.

Tennessee will need to shut down Michael Thomas to have a hope in this game. Mike Vrabel’s defence often plays tough against the best teams. Look for Tannerhill and Henry to have a bounce back game here.

Tennessee Titans: 1-6, 7-12


Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Old Browns against the New Browns. After shipping points last week against Cardinals, the most explosive and unique offence in the NFL rolls into town in Ohio. It’s hard to see past a Ravens win here, with Baltimore looking to tie up home field advantage in the playoffs and Cleveland looking to rescue some dignity after a disappointing season.

Stories emerging over the unhappiness of Beckham Jr, the over-promoted coach Freddie Kitchens and the Myles Garrett suspension in the wake of the Browns ending the decade without one winning season means it’s another miserable December for Browns fans.

Baltumore Ravens: 7-12, 13-18


Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts

It’s hard to predict games when both teams are out of the playoff race. They sometimes become wild and erratic. This could be one of them.

Will Grier is slated to start which will bring a set of unknowns to the game, after Kyle Allen’s season flamed out. The defence for the Panthers is unrecognisable, playing like a bottom third tier unit.

The Colts slump continued last week against the Saints but you have to trust Frank Reich to put it right which he might do against Carolina.

Carolina Panthers: 7-12

Indianapolis Colts: 7-12, 13-18


Oakland Raiders @ LA Chargers

See above, two more teams out of contention, moving stadiums/cities so expect the unexpected.

It was the last home game in Oakland last week but we’ll no doubt see a packed Chargers ‘temporary’ home stadium full of Raiders fans come Sunday. Oakland handled their hellish road schedule in the early/mid season well but fell apart down the stretch.

LA have never been a real threat in a season that promised so much. This could be a high scoring game that goes either way.

Oakland Raiders: 7-12

LA Chargers: 7-12


Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Back to the serious stuff, this game will go a long way to see which team emerges from the worst division in football. Both are 7-7 teams, only one can qualify.

The Eagles have injuries and a receiver corps which may rank as the worst in the NFL. The Cowboys are a good team held back by their head coach and inconsistent defence but their offence can put up 30 points in any game.

They would be a dangerous team for any 5th seed to face in Dallas come playoff time and it may be Eagles fans throwing snowballs at Santa in frustration come Sunday when the Cowboys get the win.

Dallas Cowboys: 1-6, 7-12, 13-18 


Kansas City Chiefs @ Chicago Bears

The Bears are just playing for pride while the Kansas City Chiefs still chase a playoff bye. The Bears still have a good pass rush but behind them teams have had more success this year and the Kansas City Chiefs are coming to the boil nicely.

Expect Mahomes to have a big game here as Chicago fans look on at what they could have won picking Trubisky over Mahomes in the 2018 draft. The Kansas City Chiefs’ defence continues to make strides and now has Terrell Suggs opposite Frank Clark. It could be a long afternoon for the Bears at Soldier Field.

Kansas City Chiefs: 13-18, 19-24


Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

The Packers are still in the race for top seed in the NFC but it doesn’t feel like they’ve played consistently well for weeks. The Vikings are a tough team to play in their loud dome, even more so when the hated Packers come to town.

Minnesota are the better team according the DVOA ratings and it’s hard to argue with that assessment. If they can shut down, or more likely contain Devonte Adams and Aaron Jones, then they’ve gone a long way towards winning this. In the last 10 weeks Kirk Cousin is playing as well as anyone not named Lamar Jackson.

Minnesota Vikings: 7-12

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