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NFL betting tips: Panthers might need saving from the Saints

The £186,000+ Rollover NFL Pick 7 continues to grow and NFLGirlUK is determined to be the one to take it down! She has previewed this week’s matches and reckons the New Orleans Saints could give the Panthers a torrid week. If you agree with her NFL betting tips, join her Syndicate.


Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

Two teams very much in the hunt for the playoffs. The Eagles are trying to hold on to the Cowboys coat-tails, while the Seahawks are comfortably looking like they’ll secure a wildcard birth but want home field advantage and to hunt down the 49ers.

This game is likely to come down to the Eagles defence vs. Russell Wilson. The Philly front four looked ferocious against the Patriots last week and will have Wilson running around out of structure trying to make plays.

Whether Tyler Lockett can go could be key to how many successful plays Wilson can muster. The Philly offence should be able to move the ball but Seattle are an opportunistic defense so limiting turnovers is another key element to this game for the Eagles.

Seattle also has to deal with the East coast 10am PST kick off which is a disadvantage but still gives the edge to Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks: 1-6, 7-12

Philadelphia Eagles: 1-6


Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints

Carolina have struggled a bit since London, losing three out of four. Kyle Allen has regressed and the defence is getting scored on consistently and now ranks in the bottom half of the DVOA rankings.

New Orleans are the most consistent NFL team in all three factions of the game, ranking in the top eight in each of them. The Saints are now in a fight for home field advantage, so important for them in January.

It’s hard to see anything other than a Saints win here, even if slight concerns about the velocity of Brees’ arm persist.

New Orleans Saints: 7-12, 13-18


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons

The suddenly in-form Falcons are a team you don’t want to play at the moment. If they were in the AFC, the playoffs would still be a possibility but due to the strength of the North and West it’s only a pipe dream.

The Falcons defence, which looked awful in the first third of the season, is now starting to show some fight. The offence, with Ryan under centre, will always put up points.

In Tampa we could be witnessing the final days of the Jameis Winston era. The Bucs defense, which looked good at the start of the season, is now a sieve against the pass. Atlanta win and more Winston turnovers.

Atlanta Falcons: 7-12, 13-18


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

A very intriguing game against two playoff hopefuls, the Titans are probably the most under the radar team in the league.

Both recently made a change at quarterback and, while the Titans have been vindicated by the play of Tannerhill, the Jags haven’t yet seen a return on the big bucks they paid to get Nick Foles to Jacksonville. It was a little harsh to bench Minshew but the Jags need to see what they have in Foles this year.

This game might be even and come down to special teams and, if it does, the Titans are awful in that area. Hard to pick a winner here.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 7-12

Tennessee Titans: 1-6


Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots

Potential Super Bowl match up. The two most influential owners in the NFL. The best offence in the league against the best defence.

Can Dak Prescott light up the Patriots stingy defence or will they look to run over the Patriots with Zeke the way the Ravens did? This is a fascinating game, not least because of the struggles of the New England offence.

You can see this game being close, maybe even going to overtime. In the end though, if it comes down to Belichick versus Garrett, there’s only one winner.

Dallas Cowboys: 1-6

New England Patriots: 1-6, 7-12


Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers

A game that used to be a classic in the nineties. San Francisco have wobbled a bit in the last few weeks since their first game against the Cardinals.

The defence doesn’t look quite as fearsome and the offence has become really quite average without George Kittle. This might be the game of the weekend and a potential playoff preview.

It’s a home field advantage ‘6 pointer’ to parlay football speak. Can the Packers defence reverse its recent fortunes and make Jimmy G look inaccurate like Seattle did?

Aaron Jones has been amazing in Prime Time this year and could edge his way into the MVP debate with another good game here. It really could go either way.

Green Bay Packers: 7-12

San Francisco 49ers: 7-12


Baltimore Ravens @ LA Rams

Baltimore look ruthless at the moment, running over teams on offence, beating down teams in defence. The Ravens are zigging while the rest of the zags.

The Rams got a hard fought win last week against a poorer Bears team but will be up against it on Monday Night against the in-form NFL team. Earl Thomas could feast in Jared Goff whole the Ravens won’t let the Rams run on them like the Bears were able to.

The one thing Baltimore need to do is handle Aaron Donald. Lamar Jackson is good enough to make some big plays through the air to keep LA honest but this record setting run game won’t be stopped at The Colesium. Ravens win this.

Baltimore Ravens: 7-12

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