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NFL betting tips: Eagles to sink their claws into Giants

With the Pick 7 Rollover passing £199,000, this will surely be the week that it sails through the £200,000 barrier. Despite some tricky results this season, somebody soon must win this staggering prize. Will it be NFLGirlUK? This week she has put together another fantastic preview for us and, if you agree with her NFL betting tips, join her Syndicate.


Indianapolis Colts @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday, 18:00

The Buccaneers are a nasty team to play at the moment and not the sort of franchise that a team struggling to stay in playoff contention in their division want to go on the road to play. The Bucs offense is dangerous as it often is in December and their front seven on defense looks a good as it did at the start of the season.

The Colts are in arguably the most competitive division in the league although DVOA ranks the Texans, Titans and Colts only 15-17th overall. Tampa are 18th but on a bit of an upswing and are not a place that a win needy team wants to be travelling to. The Colts have struggled a bit on offense since Brissett’s injury and even on his return have lost the rhythm they had earlier in the year. Could see either team emerge with the win here.

Indianapolis Colts: 7-12

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 7-12


San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints

Sunday, 18:00

San Francisco’s gauntlet run-in to the end of the season continues with a trip to New Orleans. Having played the Ravens offense as well as any team over the last nine weeks they get to face an altogether different challenge. Will we see more Tyson Hill trick plays or will the Saints run it down the 49ers throat, since they’ve given up at least 100 yards in the last 9 weeks (longest active streak in the NFL). The fearsome pass rush of the 49ers against the excellent pass protection of the Saints is the most fascinating match up in this game.

The Saints are strong across all three phases of the game, as good as any team in the conference and yet could claim to still be flying under the radar in the NFC this season. They have a top five defense and will give 49ers some problems in a noisy dome. It’s tough to see San Francisco getting something here and they could lose more ground on the Seahawks.

San Francisco 49ers: 1-6

New Orleans Saints: 1-6, 7-12


Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

Sunday, 18:00

Hard to know which way this game will go and how the Panthers will react to the firing of their long term Head Coach Ron Rivera. These are both teams looking to play out the season and forward to the future. Dan Quinn could be feeling a similarly hot collar come season’s end. It’s really tough to call what happens here, both are capable of playing well or stinking up the joint.

Carolina Panthers: 7-12

Atlanta Falcons: 13-18


Tennessee Titans @ Oakland Raiders

Sunday, 21:25

A real AFC Playoff ‘6 pointer’. If the Raiders win here and especially it the Chiefs beat the Patriots later then the last days in Oakland could end up as a damp squib for the Raiders. After two shocking performances the Silver and Black really need a win here or it’s virtually season over. Their biggest problems are a bad defense and poor special teams. The Titans will want to take advantage of it behind a resurgent Ryan Tannerhill and the run game of Derrick Henry. This could be the last meaningful game ever played in Oakland so that might be enough to revitalise the Raiders.

Tennessee Titans: 7-12

Oakland Raiders: 1-6, 7-12


Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

Two of the three AFC elite teams meet in the Game of the Weekend. Can the Pats find enough offense to keep up with Kansas City who will likely stress the Patriots defensive brilliance to their limit. It’s a real problem for Belichick that any reliance on the kicking game seen has disappeared this year and so scoring points means you need to pick up more yards.

The Chiefs haven’t been on fire quite like they were before Mahomes picked up his injuries but they’re are still dangerous.

The KC defense looks much improved and Edelman and White will again be the players that are blanketed so it’s up to someone else to make the plays if Brady can find trust in them.

Hard to ever count out the Pats at home but the Chiefs could make a statement here.

Kansas City Chiefs: 7-12

New England Patriots: 7-12


Seattle Seahawks @ LA Rams

Monday, 01:20

It’s a Seahawks game in prime time which means it’ll probably be a wild ride and Seattle will likely find a way to come out on top.

Over the years the Rams have given the Seahawks offense a lot to worry about with Aaron Donald causing havoc but they dispatched them fairly convincingly at home earlier in the year.

The Rams season was nearly all but over until they pulled out a stomping of the Cardinals last week. If Sean McVay can work his magic with Jared Goff in the short, medium passing game, get some rhythm and get Todd Gurley running again like last week then they have chance.

Russell Wilson has been good but not great over the last three or four weeks but the running game and turnover generating defense has stepped up. You couldn’t bet against Pete Carroll’s men in any game at the moment.

Seattle Seahawks: 7-12

LA Rams: 1-6


New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

Tuesday, 01:15

The return of Eli Manning to the line up for one last hurrah.

The Eagles must win this game in a matchup of two teams from the worst division in football. If the Eagles win out then they will win the division and squeeze in the playoffs as their run is much easier than the Cowboys.

They’ll win here quite convincingly.

Philadelphia Eagles 18-24

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