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What are Place pools?

What are Place pools?

Place pools are a form of betting in horse or greyhound racing where you win if your selection is ‘placed’ in each of the races listed in the pool.

Being ‘placed’ means that your selection finishes a race in one of a number of pre-determined positions at front of the field in the final standings. The number of available places is determined by the number of runners, or participants, in the race.


How do I know how many place positions there are in a race?

The number of places will always be clearly displayed on the coupon. However, it will typically be the following;

2 – 4 runners: 1st only

5 – 7 runners: 1st and 2nd

8 – 15 runners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

16+ runners (non-handicap race): 1st, 2nd and 3rd

16+ runners (handicap race): 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th


What are the differences between place pools and win pools?

As the name suggests, in a win pool you require your selection to come first first in a race, whereas in a place pool your selection can finish lower depending on the type of race it is (see section above) and would be just as valuable to you as the winner would have been.

Additionally, one major difference is that, because there are usually more than one places available, you can end up with multiple winning selections in a leg.


How do I work out my return?

Like other pools, the dividend is calculated by dividing the total Jackpot by the remaining number of units in the pool. So if there is a £10,000 Jackpot and only two units remain in the pool, each would win £5,000 because 10,000 / 2 = 5,000. If there were ten units they would each win £1,000 and so on.

However, unlike other pools, because you can land several winning selections in any given race, you can also win on multiple lines. You calculate the number of winning lines by multiplying the number of winning selections in each leg by one another.

So, if you have three correctly placed selections in the first race, one in each of the second, third and fourth races and two in the fifth and sixth, you would have 12 winning lines in total because 3 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 2 = 12.

If you have selected the maximum stake unit in that pool you would own 12 winnings units of the pool whereas if you selected half stakes or less, your ultimate unit total would reduce proportionately as well.


What is Best Dividend Guaranteed?

This offer is available on any Colossus Bets horse racing pool to which we add the ‘BDG’ icon on the site. For any such pool that pays an inferior dividend when compared to the equivalent UK Tote pool, Colossus will credit players the difference in the form of a cash balance top up. Please note that the maximum daily top up per player account is capped at £10,000.




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