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What are Syndicate Captain Rebates?

The sky’s the limit with our Syndicate Captain Rebate promotion, which rewards our Captains every week for filling Syndicates!

Every Monday our Syndicate Captains will receive a cash rebate on the total value of the Syndicates they have placed during the previous week. There are three different rebate tiers that you can qualify for, which are as follows;


Tier 1 (Bronze): Up to £99.99 qualifies for 5% rebate

Tier 2 (Silver): £100 – £749.99 qualifies for 7.5% rebate

Tier 3 (Gold): Over £750 qualifies for 10% rebate


In Tier 3 (Gold), your 10% minimum Captain contribution to your Syndicates is effectively returned to you fully in the form of your 10% rebate. In other words, Gold Captains can play for free!

The rebate tier that you qualify for each week is applied to the total value of Syndicates you place the following week. So, if the total value of Syndicates you place this week is £125, you will receive a 7.5% rebate on all Syndicates you place next week. You can see your current rebate tier and track next week’s rebate via the ‘My Captain rebate’ section of our site.

Don’t forget that this is in addition to the rewards you can earn in our FreePlay loyalty scheme. So all you need to do is create and fill Syndicates and leave the rest to us!

For more details please check our help section.

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