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Solo player and Syndicate go the distance in our Asian Handicap

There was jubilation last night as a one solo player and a 16-player Syndicate made it 20 out of 20 in our Asian Handicap pool.


Balls of steel player wins €128k


The savvy bettor refused several massive cash-out offers along the way, showing real nerve as they pitted all their hopes on Arsenal beating West Brom by two clear goals in the final leg! They will have been thrilled when they learnt that Sanchez and Lacazette were poised to start with each other for the first time. Final offers of €57.4k (pre-game) and €64.5k at half-time were passed up by the player – they proved that they knew exactly what they were doing!

Asian Handicap Pick 20 Winner

Superb work as they turn their €128 ticket into €128,871!

Second solo player cashed-out their winning ticket

A second solo player chose to cash-out in three stages for a combined total of £46,809 from their £32 Asian Handicap ticket! Not to be scoffed at….

Asian Handicap Pick 20 Winner

After mulling an offer which will have been between both the potential payouts (them being assured the win after leg 19), they threw in the towel and took £34.4k for the final 20% of their ticket! Shrewd work, as their dividend (had they not cashed-out the final 20%) would have bee around £26k given that Arsenal won and the Jackpot was therefore shared by more winners.


@AlbertTipster’s Syndicate lands £9,845

Finally, massive props to regular captain @AlbertTipster whose 20/20 vision resulted in him and 15 others sharing £9,845 between them.

Asian Handicap Pick 20 Winner

Albert made an early cash-out for 20% that returned most of the ticket cost, allowing a free roll for the remaining 80% of the Jackpot. A second cash-out prior to kick-off on Monday night of £586 for another 10% took the Syndicate into good profit. Would they be tempted by a £4,606 offer at half-time in Arsenal v West Brom for the remaining 70%? They would not. And what a decision that was, with the winning dividend amounting to a much healthier £9,168! Make sure you don’t miss out on Albert’s future Syndicates by following him on twitter.


Fancy playing our Asian Handicap Pick 20 this weekend as a solo player or in a Syndicate?

Take it on solo like our #ballsofsteel winner.


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