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Weekend Winners Review

The international break provided a weekend of near misses in our big jackpots as a host of punters came close to scooping major prizes or a share in the winnings. Instead cash outs proved the talking points of the weekend as a number of players took up significant offers on tickets that went on to lose.


£11,329 Cash Out



Denmark proved to be the coupon buster for many punters on Sunday evening as they failed to close the game out against 10 men Romania, conceding the equaliser in the 88th minute. No misery for this player, however, as he wisely cashed out after leg 9, having seen Cameroon defeat Algeria comfortably on the road to round off a hugely impressive Saturday as they made it 9/9. The resulting offer of £11,329 was clearly seen as too good to turn down and despite Denmark being short odds-on favourites to come out on top against Romania, and Greece being fancied in Cyprus, this player chose to cut and run as proved astute for a tasty dividend from a £32 ticket.


Premature Cash Out


This player may well be rueing cashing out such a large proportion of his ticket so early as his cashout looks to have been premature. Satisfied having watched the first 9 legs land, including an 83rd minute Carrasco winner for Belgium in Bosnia, 60% of the ticket was cashed out for £443.71 on Saturday evening. This appeared a sensible decision before Greece went on to beat Cyprus to land leg 10 after which a further 20% was cashed out for £240. With just 20% of the ticket still owned by the customer a brave call in leg 11 came in as Romania upset the odds to pick up a draw in Denmark. The 88th minute was a big one as Scotland joined Romania in earning a point in the dying stages to kill the majority of tickets still playing for the jackpot.

Now playing for £80,000 a big offer was forthcoming, and before Norway kicked off against Northern Ireland a further 10% of the ticket was cashed in for a healthy £1,940.25, to guarantee this punter £2,624.71 whatever happened in the remaining 3 legs. Not a sum to be sniffed at but after Norway’s 1-0 triumph thanks to a Chris Brunt own goal 10% of the original ticket was worth an offer of £5,257.98, without cash out therefore this would’ve stood at well over £50,000. That being said, Wales’ home defeat to Ireland in their decisive qualifying game ensured that this ticket would not go on to make it 15/15 to the relief of one greatful punter.


£9,767 Cash Out



A further healthy cash out dividend was provided courtesy of this week’s Pick 15 thanks to a another sensible cash out prior to Denmark’s disappointing draw with Romania. After a solid performance on Saturday with 9/9 the decision was made to cash out 60% prior to the evening’s fixture between Cyprus and Greece, locking in over £5,300 worth of winnings before the remaining 6 legs. A Greece win later and this would be stretched to 90% with an additional £4,385 taken to bring profit to nearly £10,000! With just 10% left in play this player could watch the remaining fixtures knowing he was nearly five figures richer whatever the outcomes, whilst still in with a shout of £40,000. Scotland’s late goal ensured that the ticket was still alive going into leg 13 but Northern Ireland’s failure to pick up anything from their trip to Norway will have left this punter satisfied with his cash out decision making.


Pick 20 Punter Goes Close


It was an impressive effort from this punter to reach 18/20 in the Pick 20 Over/Under pool over the weekend and a series of cash outs ensured a very tidy dividend of £1,926 from just a £4 stake on a 2 line ticket. Although they would’ve been in line for a £2,000 consolation win had they let it run, this punter was able to lock in their profit during the half time of Norway vs Northern Ireland, a leg they would go on to lose allowing them to watch the crunch match in Cardiff on Monday night without their potential profit riding on it.


The Pick 15 proved a happy hunting ground last weekend with some very healthy winnersCould it be your turn this weekend? Play for £800,000!

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