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US sports return to Colossus

It’s not quite ‘business as usual’ in the sporting world, with most major sporting events still being played behind closed doors as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, major sports have gradually filtered back onto our screens in recent weeks and months. Football and racing have been back for some time and now we’re delighted that US Sports return to Colossus as well.



The NBA, and Colossus NBA pools, returned at the end of July with the New Orleans Pelicans @ Utah Jazz. The fixture, played on Thursday 30th July, marked the first competitive NBA game played since March 11th, with all games taking place within the ‘NBA Bubble‘, an isolation zone within Walt Disney World in Florida where every remaining game will take place.

Naturally the action was accompanied by a £25,000 Point Margin – Pick 5 pool on Colossus, our standard NBA pool type which rewards players with a share, or the entirety, of a £25,000 jackpot for correctly predicting the outcomes to five selected matches. The pools continued through regular season and will return once again when the 2020/21 NBA season commences in December.



Ice hockey was another sport which fell to Coronavirus on March 11th, with that being the date of the final round of NHL fixtures played before the season was curtailed.

The NHL season returned on August 1st, a couple of days after the NBA, and was met with the return of point margin pools at Colossus, specifically the £4,000 Pick 4 and the £40,000 Pick 6. You can read our blog about ice hockey returning by clicking here.



A sport which suffered less disruption as a result of Coronavirus is the NFL, with the season-ending Super Bowl taking place in February, before the pandemic had reached it peak. The 2020/21 NFL season will get underway on September 10th and, although not completely back to normal with plenty of matches still played in empty stadiums, it will be a welcome fillip to US sports fans with the NBA and NHL seasons coming to a close.

Also returning will be the £100,000 Point Margin Pick 7 pool at Colossus, which delivers fans an opportunity to make the action more interesting by putting a huge jackpot up for grabs. The jackpot wasn’t won last season and became a Rollover, meaning it climbed above the £100,000 mark and will continue to rise until it is won. The prize fund currently stands at a staggering £225,000+. How high will it go before somebody lands it?


Point Margin pools

The US sports return has also meant the return of point margin pools at Colossus. So how do you play them?

Basketball and American football tend to be extremely high scoring sports and, unlike football, correctly predicting a correct score would be virtually impossible, let alone doing so in multiple matches. So to make things easier, point margin pools group correct scores together to limit the possible options and make things a lot easier.

The NFL is a prime example. On any given day, an NFL team can fail to score a point in a game or they score over 40. As such we group the possible point margins to 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-36 or 37+. Seven possible outcomes per team rather than 40+ makes the pools far more winnable!

Therefore, to play our point margin pools you simply need to choose at least one point margin for each team in the pool (don’t forget you can choose more than one but your stake will increase) and then watch the action unfold.

Our point margin pools have all the great features of our other pools, include Syndicates, Cash Out and Consolation Prizes. So as US Sports return, you can enjoy the action in our point margin pools!



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