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Two solo punters seeking to win big in the Pick 20 Asian Handicap!

Asian Handicap

It’s been a busy and excitable weekend for @AlbertTipster’s Syndicate, as well as two solo punters in our Pick 20 Asian Handicap. With one leg to go tonight, the Arsenal v West Brom game holds huge importance for two tickets in particular.


How does Asian Handicap work?

For those who know of Asian Handicaps, feel free to continue on with the rest of the blog!

Asian Handicap is an area of confusion for those new to the concept, so we would like to offer a simple explanation to get a grip of before the next one kicks off this very Friday.

At Colossus Bets, our pools follow the .5 ruling. If we look at the Arsenal v West Brom game, you will see Arsenal are -1.5, and West Brom are +1.5. What this means is that they are starting the game either goals behind or ahead respectively. In Arsenal’s case, they would need to score two goals in order to be winning the game, since they are -1.5 at the start. A scoreline of 2-0 is ideal, or any scoreline whereby Arsenal win by more than two goals. If however Arsenal win 1-0, this would lose, same goes for the draw and any scoreline in the opposition’s favour. In West Brom’s case, they are starting the game ahead with +1.5. So it is essentially flipped. As stated, West Brom could lose by one goal and their handicap would be a winning selection. A draw and any West Brom win would also see this as a winning selection.

As a general occurrence, you will see games such as Barcelona v Alaves having the home team as -2.5 or -3.5. Closer games will be -0.5. If you are completely unsure of the result of a specific game in the pool, why not cover both selections so you are guaranteed to reach the next leg?  If you need some more info, check this handy page out:


100% Ticket Owned

As of writing, this player still owns the complete ticket. It would be a sensible assumption that the player has simply forgotten about it and therefore hasn’t been able to cash-out, but they do know about it, they’re just confident in their selections, and have been since the 1st leg. See their ticket below:

100% Owned Ticket

Their current offer stands at €57,452.09 and it will be interesting to see throughout this afternoon whether he/she decides to partially cash-out, fully cash-out or just ‘let it ride’. Whatever happens, the player has had an impressive run up to this point and we wish them all the very best tonight!


Partially Cashed-Out Ticket

This ticket shows a safer, more strategic approach so to speak. After the 3pm Saturday games, 10 legs were in, and a cash-out offer for 100% of the ticket was given to this player standing at a decent £1,951.50, they then opted for a partial cash-out of 30%, banking £585.45 which is 18x their original stake. Good work already…

Partially Cashed-Out

After all Saturday evening games had been completed, the player opted to cash out for 50% of the ticket, banking another £11,808.23. With 20% of the ticket still owned, the player has a current offer of £34,416.15. Now, an important thing to know about this ticket is that the player has both selections covered, so either way the player wins. However the ideal scenario for this player in particular would be the West Brom +1.5 selection coming in, as this is the only ticket with that line and therefore the complete 20% winnings, £50k. All in all an easy weekend’s work!

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