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The Best of Syndicates: 1 year anniversary

2017 was the year Colossus brought you Syndicates, allowing you to crowdfund tickets and hunt down our lotto-sized Jackpots together! It’s gone from strength-to-strength since its launch in February and we can’t wait to make 2018 even bigger! Catch up on the best of Syndicates during it’s first year…

Dream debut

In March, Brandon25 Captained his first Syndicate to perfection. His £24 ticket was funded by four contributors into one of our Pick 4 Correct Score pools. The ticket went on to win a huge £7.5k with Captain Brandon taking home half of that as his personal dividend!

Some late goals helped Brandon & Co. to the Jackpot and he had this to say shortly after the win, “Oh god, put me on the spot a bit! I’m still a little bit in shock to be honest. I’ve never won anything near this amount before, after Lanzini’s injury time goal I was too nervous to even keep up to date with the scores. I checked them at half time and thought it was all over!”.

He further added “The syndicate function is a great way to fund more combinations on a ticket increasing your chance of winning. I will definitely be using the function again”.

Biggest payout to date

Having already led a group of followers to a £15k win in a Pick 4 a couple of weeks earlier, TwoPoundPunt took Syndicates by storm in May with this beauty in our Asian Handicap Pick 20. He’d made a 20% cash-out for £8.6k at half-time in leg 19 and so the Syndicate ticket was already in £7.5k profit. Leg 19 finished a winner for the group and they were now one game away from a further £200k! They just needed Chelsea to beat Watford by 2 clear goals…

It was 2-1 to the blues at half-time with the offer standing at £119.5k and TwoPoundPunt made another shrewd cash-out for £29.8k. That would have meant a potential £150k left to play for, but unfortunately the game finished 4-3, with Chelsea not managing to beat the listed handicap.

They did, however, scoop £5.9k in Consolations at the end of the pool, which (added to their cash-outs) resulted in a total of £44.4k for the group! Well played!

Along rolled June…

Domestic football had ended, but the winners didn’t stop!

Firstly, Captain mm played a blinder in one of our 1X2 Pick 8 Rollovers, turning a £192 ticket into £6.3k.


2 weeks later, Tim1982 went one better when he posted an audacious 1 line Syndicate into a Pick 4 Rollover which cost a total of £2!

There were a total of 5 contributions in Tim1982’s Syndicate and they were returned with a HUGE £19.1k between them! How is your luck!? To be clear, if you’d have contributed £0.20 to this Syndicate, you would have ended up winning £1.9k.

The early days of the 2017/18 season

Syndicate Captains got off to a flying start when the new season arrived. An AlbertTipster Syndicate managed to realise a 20/20 vision in our Asian Handicap, turning a £102.40 ticket into £9.8k.

A first cash-out on the Saturday evening effectively allowed the Syndicate to free roll, followed by a second just prior to kick-off in leg 20 which guaranteed a profit. Arsenal beat the -1.5 handicap thanks to two goals from Lacazette that took AlbertTipster and Co. over the finishing line!

Then, a couple of days later, ‘SpideyCrane’ bagged his followers a winner in one of our Champions League Pick 4 Rollovers!

After winning selections in legs 1 and 2, he slept on the cash-out offer and decided to take 20% on the Wednesday morning, guaranteeing a small profit. They sailed through the final two legs to win £10.3k which was shared between 9 contributors!

A flip flap in Brazil

In late November, ‘Marks Muvver’ played one of our all-Brazilian Pick 4 pools to perfection.

A win in leg 1 and they cashed-out 20% for £20.26, allowing them to freeroll through the remaining 3 legs. They would resist the temptation of further offers and go on to share £2.8k between 7 of them!

Strong start to 2018

NBA Point Margin pools (launched in late 2017) proved a massive hit among customers who were quick to spot the great value for Consolation wins. Captain regular ‘Xapi Bets’ nailed one at the end of January that resulted in a huge €3,864 win for his Syndicate.

After a shrewd Cash Out for 60% of the ticket that assured a profit for all those involved, Xapi’s ticket sailed to victory and the total winnings were over 100 times the stake!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our best of Syndicates anniversary review. Get involved now at

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