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How To Join A Syndicate

Colossus Syndicates allows you to crowdfund tickets into sports and racing pools to play for a share of our Jackpots.

If you join a Syndicate you are investing in a ticket that has been created by a Syndicate Captain.

How To Join A Syndicate

There are a couple of routes you can take.

Every pool on site will have the number of available Syndicates displayed next to it. By clicking here you will be automatically directed to the Syndicates page for that pool.

Alternatively, you can click on the Syndicates header at the top of the page and you will see a long list of available Syndicates that can be filtered by pool type and reordered on a number of different variables.

If you click on a Syndicate, it will automatically expand to show you the selections in addition to how well funded it is.

This is also where you select the stake that you wish to purchase. You can choose pre-selected wagering intervals, or you can type a manual stake in the text box.

All that remains then is to confirm your contribution and watch the action unfold.



Track The Progress Of A Ticket

Navigate to ‘My tickets’ and then ‘Syndicate tickets’ to view Syndicates which you are part of. Click on a ticket to view more information about that Syndicate and track its progress whilst in play.

How To Interact On Social Platforms

You can choose to promote a Syndicate on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Share at the following stages:

  • Before the pool starts to state you have joined and help get the Syndicate filled
  • When the Syndicate is presented with a Cash Out offer during the pool
  • After the pool has ended – if the Syndicate has won – to publicise your dividend

Remember that if the Syndicate is not fully funded by the time the the pool starts, your stakes will be refunded.

How Syndicate Dividends Are Calculated

If you join a Syndicate that goes on to win, you will receive a share of all winnings and Cash Outs. For example, if you own 10% of a Syndicate that wins £1,000 then your personal dividend will be £100.

Syndicate Captain Leaderboard

Find out which Syndicate Captains are in the best form via our Captain Leaderboard. Anyone can be a Captain – take a look at our guide on creating Syndicates here.

Check out our extensive help section for more information on all things Syndicates


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