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Coleen Rooney


Coleen Rooney vs. Rebekah Vardy – Best Twitter Reactions

Twitter erupted this morning when Coleen Rooney sensationally accused a fellow footballer’s wife of leaking her private Instagram stories to the press.



As ever, social media was quick to react. One follower of the drama ensured that Vardy was aware of her rights.



Whilst another seemed unsure quite what was true and what was false anymore.



Coleen’s detective work didn’t go unpraised



With the spat occurring on a public platform, the usual suspects were quick to chime in.



And one person suggested that the incident should be referred to the fourth official.



As usual, Eddie Hearn had something to say on the matter.



Well, a couple of things actually.



Before too long the accused, Rebekah Vardy, offered her retort and declared her innocence, claiming she had done nothing wrong.



Her denial was compared to that of another famous footballing personality.



And soon after the Vardys were seen making a joint statement in person.



Some people were offering no pretence whatsoever as to how much they were enjoying the situation.



It wasn’t the only Gavin and Stacey-based reaction.



Any excuse to crowbar in veganism.



It was certainly a distraction from the international break.



People were rushing online to witness what was unfolding.



Meanwhile, one shrewd Fantasy Football player just cared about how it might affect his fantasy team.



Though a different game was brought to mind for someone else.



And in a shocking final twist, the man who seemingly gave Coleen her idea back in January was brought to the world’s attention. His name is Dave.



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