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NFL Tips: Bears and Raiders could be close in NFL London game

NFL Tips: Bears and Raiders could be close in NFL London game

We’ve got another Rollover in the Point Margin – Pick 7 pool and this week the jackpot is up to £160,000+. With the first NFL London game of the season taking place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, is this finally the week someone in the UK wins this massive prize? Will it be NFLGirlUK? She’s written another sterling preview of this Sunday’s gridiron action so give it a read and join her Syndicate!


Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders

And so to Tottenham for the NFL London game! It was the previous home of the London Monarchs and is now an NFL ready stadium fit for the first ever regular season game played in that part of North London. Sunday’s forecast is a wet one and how the new astroturf field holds up could be key in this NFL London game. Will it slow down the pass rush or any explosive offensive plays?

The Raiders possess the offense with the capability of more big plays, whilst Chase Daniel will be managing the game and letting the brilliant Bears defence dictate affairs. Khalil Mack-Bowl is likely to come down to how off balance Gruden can keep the Bears pass rush.

A game that could go either way and is likely to be close.

Chicago Bears: 1-6

Oakland Raiders: 1-6, 7-12


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers

An interesting game between the 1995 expansion teams.

Statistically, the Panthers have the best pass defence through the first four weeks. The Jaguars have Gardner Minshew making enough plays to keep their fan base excited and rode Leonard Fournette well in last week’s come-from-behind win in Denver.

It’ll be tough for the Jags offence but in Minshew they have, like a lot of the new QB crop, a player who looks safe 90% of the time but can do enough to win in the improvised 10%. On the other side of the ball, Kyle Allen struggled a bit last week and could face a tougher test against the Jags defense.

Expect a lot of McCaffrey. Another game that could go either way.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 1-6

Carolina Panthers: 7-12


Atlanta Falcons @ Houston Texans

What has happened to the Falcons? They are starting games slowly, the line struggles to protect and turning the ball over too much but they still have Matt Ryan who keeps them in every game. Their offensive line game was up 5 sacks last week and now they face JJ Watt.

The game could come down to how many big plays the Falcons can limit Deshaun Watson to and how well the Falcons can run the ball to take pressure off up front in the pass game. Another one that could go either way.

Atlanta Falcon: 7-12

Houston Texans: 7-12


Buffalo Bills @ Tennessee Titans

Will Josh Allen play? That’s the key to this game. If he does it gives the Bills the edge because he can make enough plays to supplement the defence which shut down Tom Brady last week.

Both teams like to run the ball and this game could have a more old school feel to it. Marcus Mariota has played good efficient football this year and has yet to throw an interception. If Allen is out, this game is probably a low scoring Titans win.

Tennessee Titans: 1-6 7-12


Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys

Two teams that suffered their first defeat of the season last week. The Packers got run on and might fear that Dallas will plan to do the same on Sunday.

Mike Pettine can confuse Dak Prescott but. if he can’t stop the Cowboys rush, then the Packers will be playing catch up and their offence has only shown streaks of good play so far this year.

The Cowboys probably have the edge in this one but, at some point, Aaron Rodgers and his offence will get hot.

Green Bay Packers: 7-12

Dallas Cowboys: 7-12 13-18


Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes was given his toughest test at Detroit last week, with Matt Patricia throwing some Belichick type scheming at him. They managed to eek out the win in the end because the Lions couldn’t convert turnovers into points.

This week will likely see normality resumed. The one chink of light for the Colts is that the Chiefs have not been good against the run, so if Marlon Mack could get into rhythm and keep Mahomes off the field, they could keep it close.

In all likelihood, it’s Sunday night under the lights, the time for stars and Collinsworth eulogising so this is a Chiefs win for sure.

Kansas City Chiefs: 13-18, 19-24


Cleveland Browns @ San Francisco 49ers

We still don’t quite know who the 49ers are with their early season bye week not helping matters. They’re good at running the ball and have shown promise on defence. Quite what sort of passing success they’ll have is still a bit unknown.

We know what the Browns will be this season though, probably 9-7 or 8-8. Big plays on both sides of the ball but, at other times, going through underwhelming stretches. The trip out west on Monday night could go a long way to determining whether Cleveland win the North or end up on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

The 49ers need to scheme Myles Garrett out of the game, or reduce his influence at least. This should be a good prime time win for Kyle Shanahan who’s had the advantage of being able to plan for this for two weeks.

San Francisco 49ers: 7-12


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