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How to play our NBA pools

Learn how to play our NBA pools, which challenge you to pick the margin of victory in NBA games for huge jackpot prizes and will be on offer throughout the regular season and the Playoffs.


How do our NBA pools work?


Our NBA pools challenge you to pick the winner of each game in addition to the range of points that you believe will be their margin of victory, or the Point Margin.

For example, if you believe the Nets will beat the 76ers but only by a slim margin, you could pick the Nets winning by the lowest margin available which would be between 1-4 points. If you believe they will win by a higher score you can pick a more conclusive point margin, all the way up to 25+.

If you are struggling to decide which team is going to win or what the winning margin will be, then you have the option to pick multiple point margins.

If you pick the correct point margin for the winning team in every leg, then you will win the Jackpot or a share of it if there are other winning tickets in the pool.


What if the game ends in a tie?


If at the end of four quarters the teams are tied, that specific leg of the pool will continue until a winner is declared in the overtime periods. In the rare scenario that the game finishes in a tie, then the lowest margin (1-4) for either team will be credited as the winner.


Do the NBA pools have Consolation Prizes?


If you haven’t managed a winning selection in every leg, you could still be rewarded with a Consolation prize. We pay out on tickets that manage three or four out of five.


Cash Out


If the pool is in progress but no games are in play, you may be presented with a Cash Out offer if your ticket is still in with a chance of winning the Jackpot or a Consolation prize.

Choose to Cash Out in part or in full by toggling the slider bar and lock in returns whilst there is still risk on the table.


Join a Syndicate in our NBA pools


Syndicates give you the chance to crowdfund tickets, so if you’re keen to get involved but aren’t confident on making the selections then follow a Captain who knows what they’re doing.  Joining a Syndicate couldn’t be simpler.


Create a Syndicate


Consider yourself an NBA expert? Have a go at creating a Syndicate for our NBA Point Margin pools. You’ll have to fund the first 10% of the total cost of the ticket but, if it’s fully funded, then you will receive a rebate of 5% of the total cost of the ticket due to our Captain Rebate promotion.


Smart Pick


Unsure of which selections to pick in our NBA pools? Use our Smart Pick feature to generate a probable set of selections. Feel free to tinker with them if you don’t agree with what Smart Pick has come up with.



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