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First 5: An Introduction To Our New Racing Pool

Most racing punters are aware of a Tote Trifecta; picking the first three in the correct order. It can be complex in big handicaps but you can ‘perm’ them up and select multiple horses. If you do hit though, chunky returns await!

Colossus and their racing partners are now introducing a new bet called First 5. It is effectively a 5-fecta, which we are premiering on April 6th at the Aintree Grand National, though it will reappear on major races throughout the summer.

So how do you tackle a First 5?

Firstly, feel free to experiment. You can select as many horses as you want and allow the interface to tell you how much it will cost. If it is too expensive you’re faced with two options; removing horses or reducing your stake to play for a partial prize. The second option can be preferable, as it can prove emotionally and financially painful to remove a horse before watching it romp home.

When calculating your cost remember that, unlike a multiple leg bet, you don’t just multiply the number of horses in each leg. This is due to the fact that the same horse can’t finish in more than once place, so you need to ‘reduce’ your calculation by that number. An example staking method would to support five horses ‘all ways’. It involves selecting the same five horses in every position, costing 5x4x3x2x1 = 120 total lines.

To be clear though, the aim here is just to win the pool. You don’t need to be elaborate by selecting 50/1 chances to win the race, you simply need the winner, so my advice is play it ‘safe’ with reliable horses in the market and expand your selections as you get down to fourth and fifth place. As an example, here is how I put together my Syndicate.

Tiger Roll might not be a betting proposition in a fixed odds market but can’t be left out of a First 5 ticket at the odds.

Rathvinden is my real fancy, with light preparation and is proven at four miles. Whilst he isn’t faultless, he is certainly a reliable jumper.

Vintage Clouds a perennial place-getter at this level and is almost my place banker in the race.

Finally I have included one outsider to be there or thereabouts in Singlefarmpayment and this is for two reasons. Firstly, 66/1 seems a big departure from how the market viewed its chances at Cheltenham and whilst it ran under par, I think the slower pace of Aintree and longer distance will play nicely into its skill set.

So my 5-fecta or First 5 perm is….

First: Tiger Roll, Rathvinden, Vintage Clouds
Second: Tiger Roll, Rathvinden, Vintage Clouds, Rock The Kasbah
Third: Tiger Roll, Rathvinden, Vintage Clouds, Rock The Kasbah, Jury Duty, Singlefarmpayment
Fourth: Tiger Roll, Rathvinden, Vintage Clouds, Rock The Kasbah, Jury Duty, Singlefarmpayment, Pleasant Company, Anibale Fly
Fifth: Tiger Roll, Rathvinden, Vintage Clouds, Rock The Kasbah, Jury Duty, Singlefarmpayment, Pleasant Company, Anibale Fly

While the selections I have covered here are 3x4x6x8x8, the actual perms are 3x3x4x5x4 = 720 (only four horses can run fifth, because four of them have already finished 1,2,3,4 in the event that this tickets wins).

You can now join my First 5 syndicate by clicking here


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