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Syndicate Betting Guide

Syndicate betting is is a fun way to bet as a team to tackle the huge Colossus jackpots. We tell you everything that you need to know in our handy Syndicate betting guide.


What is Syndicate betting?

Syndicates are a crowd-funded approach to pools betting.

A group of players combine their funds to create a single ticket for a sport or racing pool. The eventual payout of the ticket, is split proportionately between them based on how much they contributed.


Why should I join a Syndicate?

Joining a Syndicate is a great starting point for anyone who is new to pools betting and wants to benefit from the knowhow of more experienced players. It allows the player to collaborate with the creators of the Syndicate, better known as a Captain, who may have a track record of success.

Syndicates allows players to build and join bigger tickets that stand a better chance of winning Jackpots without having to take all the risk individually.


How do I join a Syndicate?

There are a couple of routes you can take.

Every pool on site will have the number of available Syndicates displayed next to it. By clicking here you will be automatically directed to the Syndicates page for that pool.

Alternatively, you can click on the Syndicates header at the top of the page and you will see a long list of available Syndicates that can be filtered by pool type and reordered on a number of different variables.

If you click on a Syndicate, it will automatically expand to show you the selections in addition to how well funded it is.

This is also where you select the stake that you wish to purchase. You can choose pre-selected wagering intervals, or you can type a manual stake in the text box.

All that remains then is to confirm your contribution and watch the action unfold.


How do I know which Syndicate to join?

You can select a Syndicate based on the selections that they have chosen, or by the Captain who created it.

By clicking on a Captain’s name or avatar, you will be directed to their profile where you can see every active Syndicate they have created.

Another method of measuring a Captain’s recent success is through the Leaderboard. This page ranks Captains based on how profitable they have been over an adjustable period of time, or on the total value of their filled Syndicates.

The time period is set to a week by default but can be changed if required. Additionally, the ‘Syndicates available’ button removes any Captain who do not currently have live Syndicates.


How do I create a Syndicate?

Once you’ve joined a few Syndicates, why not take on the pools by creating your own? To do this click on the ‘Create’ tab and select the pool that you wish your Syndicate to be entered. You then make your selections in the pool.

Bear in mind that if you select a lower stake than £2, you will be playing for a proportional amount of the jackpot prize. If you are entering a £5,000 prize pool but select a £1 stake per line, you will be playing for 50% of that pool.

After clicking continue, you can select how much of the Syndicate you wish to contribute personally, though it must be between 10% and 50%. Then you click ‘confirm’ and the Syndicate will go live.


What happens if a Syndicate isn’t filled?

If a Syndicate isn’t 90% filled by the time the first leg starts, the contributions will all be voided and returned.


How do I view the progress of the ticket?

Once you have joined or created a Syndicate you can view the progress of the tickets in the ‘My Tickets’ section. Remember that the Captain is responsible for any Cash Out decisions and, if you are the Captain, that means you.


What can I do if I need more help or information?

You can either visit the Syndicates section of Colossus help or, alternatively, speak to our Syndicate manager, Jess Laney, via e-mail ([email protected]) or Twitter (@CBSyndicates).



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