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Placepot vs. Place 6 – Which offers better value?

Horse racing has  been back for four weeks following the Coronavirus-enforced lockdown and the time has flown by. We’ve been treated to some first rate action at Newmarket for the Guineas Festival as well as a Royal Ascot with a conspicuous absence of garish headwear. So we thought it was an opportune moment to look at the Place 6 vs Placepot and see how the numbers compare.


What is the Place 6?

The Place 6 is a racing betting pool which challenges you to select one or more horses to place across six races on a nominated meeting. You can select multiple horses per race (known as ‘perming’) to increase your chances and, because there are multiple places available on the majority of races, often several of your selections can win.

The Place 6 is identical to the UK Tote Placepot in what it requires you to do. The primary differences are the extra available features that Colossus can boast, such as Syndicates (the ability to crowdfund tickets), Cash Out (receive cash offers on tickets between legs) and selected Best Dividend Guaranteed pools (if our dividend is lower than the Placepot, we will top up the difference). So how have the Place 6 and the Placepot compared since racing returned?


Place 6 vs Placepot since racing returned

In the four weeks since racing resumed, the Place 6 and UK Tote Placepot have gone head to head at 80 race meetings. Royal Ascot has been excluded from the figures as, due to the Placepot offering reduced place terms at that festival, the figures were skewed.

Of the 80 meetings, the Place 6 beat the Placepot in 53, or 66%. Additionally, thanks to our Best Dividend Guaranteed promotion, we topped up dividends at a further six meetings to tie with the Placepot, meaning that we were only beaten at 21 of the meetings, or just over 26%.


Place 6 vs Placepot all-time figures

So it’s been pretty rewarding choosing the Place 6 over the Placepot since racing returned but has that just been a good run or is it a longer term superiority? We crunched the numbers to find out.

The Place 6 launched on the 13th July 2018 and, since that date, it has gone head to head against the Placepot at 2,473 meetings. The Place 6 has paid a higher dividend 1,498 times (61%) with a further 149 draws (6%) thanks to Best Dividend Guaranteed and just 826 defeats (33%).

Very impressive historic figures from the Place 6 suggest that only 33% of the time does it pay more to play with the Tote rather than Colossus. Let’s hope the trend continues for the rest of 2020.



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