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How to fill Syndicates

Syndicate betting is one of several fantastic Colossus features and, although filling your Syndicate takes some effort, it can also be extremely rewarding. Aside from the kudos of climbing the Colossus Leaderboard if your Syndicate wins and the fun, social aspect to this crowdbetting approach, our Captain rebate promotion actually rewards our Captains with money back in cash for filling their Syndicates up. So here are our top tips on how to fill Syndicates.


How to fill Syndicates


Build your Syndicates early

A great tip for getting some early contributors to your Syndicate is to place it as early as possible.

Some of our biggest pools, such as the Correct Score Pick 6, go live on site several days before they actually kick off but it doesn’t take long before fellow Captains start adding their own Syndicates into the to fill syndicates

To prevent your ticket getting lost in a tide of Syndicates, why not gain an early advantage by placing yours when there is still minimal competition? Anyone casually browsing the Syndicates for that specific pool is more likely to join yours if it’s one of five options rather than 50.


Don’t make your Syndicates too expensive at the start

A rookie mistake from new Captains is to start creating hugely ambitious Syndicates and then feeling disappointed when they don’t fill. At first you’re better off creating smaller Syndicates that have a great chance of filling and, hopefully, winning. Do this often enough and you will build your following to the extent that your larger Syndicates will fill too.

Don’t forget that our Captain Leaderboard ranks Captains on the % of their wins, not the actual monetary value of them. If you can get a proportionally huge return on even a tiny stake, you could be featured on our Leaderboard or even our featured Syndicates tab on the homepage. Manage this and you’re almost guaranteed to gain followers.


Share your Syndicates on social media

Sharing is caring! Once you’ve built a Syndicate, how do you expect it to fill if nobody knows about it? how to fill syndicates

Tell the world by sharing your Syndicates on social media. To do this, simple click on the ‘share ticket’ button immediately after you have placed your Syndicate or, alternatively, on the ‘my tickets’ page. Then you can click to the Twitter or Facebook buttons to share the Syndicate with your followers on those platforms.


Link your Twitter account to your Captain profile

After your followers and contributors have seen what a good Captain you are, they might want to follow you on Twitter to keep up to date with any new Syndicates that you create. This is possible if you link your Twitter account to your Captain profile.

Simply click ‘Syndicates’ at the top of the homepage, followed by your Captain name on the right and, finally, the big orange button that says ‘edit profile’. Here you can add you Twitter handle and hopefully gain some followers as a result.


Use your Captain bio to good effect

The ‘edit profile’ button also allows other profile modifications such as writing a short Captain bio for yourself.

You have a 160 character space to intoroduce yourself or even describe your betting strategy. So if you’re a ‘Both Teams To Score specialist with an in-depth knowledge of Spanish football’ or a ‘Correct Score enthusiast who likes to front load Syndicates to land huge Cash Out offers’, why not put it on your profile for like-minded players to see?


Pin your winning Syndicates to your profile

Once you’ve landed a winning Syndicate, it makes sense to show it off to any visitors to your profile to prove that how to fill syndicatesyou can get the job done. Once again by clicking the ‘edit profile’ button, you are presented with the option to select your best ever Syndicate and pin it to your profile for all to see.


Follow and interact with other Captains on social media

There are already plenty of fantastic Captains creating Syndicates at Colossus who regularly support and chat to each other on social media.

Feel free to browse our Leaderboard and visit a few profiles to start connecting. If the Captain’s have linked up their Twitter accounts, give them a follow and say hello. Alternatively you can search the #WeWinTogether hashtag on Twitter itself.

You’ll soon make some new friends who are happy to support your Syndicates just as you support theirs. The main account you should follow, however, is…


Speak to our Syndicate manager, Jess

Jess, AKA @CBSyndicates on Twitter, is our Syndicate and Community manager who is the first point of contact for all Captains, new or old.

He can offer you advice, tips and support as you set out on your Captain’s journey and can even help your promote your Syndicates in the early days. Give him a follow and don’t be shy about reaching out, he’s very friendly.


Tell your mates and earn RAF rewards

Not only will recruiting your mates to Colossus help you fill Syndicates but you will be rewarded for doing so.

Our Refer A Friend (RAF) promotion will earn you a FreePlay once a friend has registered and reward you with a further £10 in cash once they have spent £10 themselves, hopefully into your Syndicate!



You could earn up to £100 (or currency equivalent) in bonus funds by joining Colossus with our New Player Bonus. Click here to join the action.

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