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Harlow Tips: Millmount Duke expected to break his duck

He’s landed in the Consolation Prizes in each of his last two write ups and, this time, greyhound racing expert Cheltmental is aiming to scoop the lot! He’s sent us this top preview of tonight’s £50,000 Win 8 at Harlow and, if you want to follow his Harlow tips, you can join his Syndicate.


Cheltmental: “After achieving 6/8 in the last two Romford Win 8’s and turning a profit in both thanks to Colossus Bets consolation prizes, I thought I’d try my luck at Harlow this evening. With 5 of the 8 legs Graded Races, this will be a stiffer task. However, I’m not one to shy away from a challenge and below I explain how I’ve navigated through each race.”


18:33 – 238m D3

Most D3 graded sprints round here can be very competitive and this race looks no different. Clearly trapping and early pace are favourable traits but, with all the fast starters drawn in the three outside traps, I reckon something could slip through the inside.

I reckon that 2 is most likely of that inside trio to lead from the boxes but Trap 1 is a quick dog and, if he can come away better than he has done, he’ll be the one to beat.

Trap 3 is a young puppy but, having already clocked a 15.09, it shouldn’t be long before he can win in this grade.

Selections – 1, 2, 3


18:49 – 415m A7

A good few of the runners in this A7 appear to have little or no track craft so I’d expect quite a bit of bumping, checking and crowding throughout.

That could play into the hands of Trap 2, GLENBRENTON ED, who could lead this lot and stretch clear down the back straight.

Trap 6 is also drawn well and I’d be hopeful that he can clear the first bend, in doing so he’s one of the quicker runners so he is a major player.

Trap 1 can pick up the pieces if the early pace falter and, as the youngest runner in the field, he’s open to further improvement.

Selections – 1, 2, 6


19:07 – 238m OR

On the clock only 1, 2 and 3 should be landing this and my preference would be for the inside duo.

However ROSS LOCH in 3 is still a puppy and has a chance to lead here. Trap 1 has been contesting better open races than this and, with a clear round, would be the likely winner but Trap 2 also has the times to land this.

Selections – 1, 2, 3


19:23 – 415m OR

This Maiden doesn’t look anywhere near a top end standard but I do think two runners stand out as the most obvious players.

Trap 3, AMERICAN PHAROAH, might only be an A5 dog round here but he looks likely to be on the premises round the first bend and, on the clock, has a couple of lengths advantage from most of the field.

Trap 1, PENNYS STYX, rates as the chief danger given how much progression she’s likely to have left and she looks a quicker runner now than when she trialled here last month.

Selections – 1, 3


19:38 – 238m D4

This sprint race looks an open affair but I’m taking a chance on a solo selection with MILLMOUNT DUKE in Trap 4.

Although he’s yet to win from 9 starts, he’s not ungenuine and drew clear in a 3-dog trial back in June.

He’s had issues having been lame again since but this September 17 whelp looks to have found a good opportunity to get his head in front and I wouldn’t expect anything can beat him here.

Selection – 4


19:54 – 592m OR

This Maiden Stayer look to be an ok standard but the draw might have created some trouble with the two bang railers being drawn in 3 and 4. This could open up the race to the outside runners and, although BARRIGONE CLAW is a middle seed, he’s stayed straight from Trap 5 before. He’s also landed a 500m Open race round Nottingham and for a dog who runs from off the pace, seems to have solid track craft.

Of those on the inside, BARNFIELD MOLL in 1 has taken a 540m Open race at Crayford and she wouldn’t need to improve much on her recent trial to land this. She’s clocked a smart sprint time round here too so she’s likely to lead on the inside.

Selections – 1, 5


20:11 – 238m D2

This leg looks a tricky one with a number of the field quite consistent. However, to keep the slip affordable I’ll take a punt on both Traps 4 and 6. The pair have each clocked sub 15.00 and race like proper sprinters.

Selections – 4, 6


20:27 – 415m A7

This is a much better standard of A7 than we saw in the second leg but the quicker dogs in this race typically come from behind and often meet trouble.

Timewise, they are the most likely winners with little traffic, so both Traps 1 and 2 make the cut with the hope that they don’t come to blows at the first.

Selections 1, 2

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