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Crowdfund Your Bets with Colossus Syndicates

Colossus Syndicates is the first ever ‘crowdbetting’ solution for sports pools with embedded social sharing functionality! Launched in 2017, Colossus Syndicates allows players to crowdfund their way to lotto-sized sports jackpots with Cash Out offers along the way…

You can choose to either join an existing Captain’s Syndicate or create your own Syndicate and take the reigns yourself.


Captaining a Colossus Syndicate

Creating a syndicate means making the selections and putting up the ticket for others to invest in.

As Captain of the syndicate, it also means that once in-play, you will be in charge of any cash-out decisions on behalf of the syndicate.


Joining a Colossus Syndicate

Joining a Syndicate means that you are investing in the selections that were put together by another player (The Captain). The amount you win is dependant on how much you contribute, if you contribute 10% towards the total Syndicate cost then you would win 10% of all Syndicate winnings and Cash Outs.

Our captains are ranked based on their performance to help prospective punters decide which Captain they want to follow.


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