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How To Create A Syndicate

Colossus Syndicates allows players to crowdfund tickets into sports and racing pools to play for a share of our Jackpots.

If you create a Syndicate you are the Captain of that Syndicate and responsible for making the selections.

Captain Profile

If you haven’t previously played Syndicates, you’ll need to create a profile.

Give yourself a profile name (not your username) and select or upload an avatar.

How To Create A Syndicate

Select the ‘Syndicates’ tab followed by ‘Create’ and choose the pool you wish to play.

Make a selection in each leg of the pool – multiple selections in each leg will increase your chances of winning. Monitor the cost of the Syndicate as you build your ticket and adjust the stake per line to control the cost. (Changing the stake per line will affect the prize that you Syndicate is playing for).

As the Captain, you must stake at least 10% of the total cost of the ticket but you cannot own more than 50%.

Share The Syndicate On Social Platforms

You can choose to promote a Syndicate on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Share at the following stages:

  • Before the pool starts to state you have created and help get the Syndicate filled
  • When the Syndicate is presented with a Cash Out offer during the pool
  • After the pool has ended – if the Syndicate has won – to publicise your dividend

You may choose to keep your Syndicates private so that only you and your inner circle can join them. If the Syndicate is not funded by the time the the pool starts, your stakes will be refunded.

Track Your Syndicates And Decide On Cash Out Offers

Navigate to ‘My tickets’ and then ‘Syndicate tickets’ to view Syndicates which you are a part of. Click on a ticket to view more information about that Syndicate and track its progress whilst in play.

As the Captain, you are responsible for Cash Out decisions on behalf of the Syndicate.

How Syndicate Dividends Are Calculated

If you create a Syndicate that goes on to win, you will receive a share of all winnings and Cash Outs. For example, if you own 10% of a Syndicate that wins £1,000 then your personal dividend will be £100.

Syndicate Captain Leaderboard

Shoot for the top of our Captain Leaderboard and earn your bragging rights.

Check out our extensive help section for more information on all things Syndicates

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