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The last couple of months have brought a lot of betting innovation with them, with Colossus Bets offering up some interesting propositions for their customers. Syndicates, a form of crowdfunding to increase the stakes, has received a great deal of interest – but we needed the low-down from a punter.

As a huge aspect of the Syndicates function is the community side of it, I asked a friend who has been regularly getting involved with Colossus Bets to tell me what he had made of the experience since I had recommended the platform to him when it launched.

Q: So, how often to do bet, just to give everyone an idea of how seriously you take your gambling?

Typically, I’d bet either five or 10 pounds on accumulators, for odds of around 4/1 stretching to 10/1. Always on football. I don’t go for anything more than five folds, though, unless my tickets are either very likely in my own opinion, or if there are quite a lot of short odds involved.

I always spend time researching games and teams, so having games picked out by Colossus themselves speeds up the process of what I can focus on – streamlines my betting a little bit which can be useful when I’m pressed for time!

Q: Given that you’re regularly using betting applications and accumulators, how have you found the crowd-funded Syndicate dynamic?

It is definitely decent that you can see how many units are left in the Syndicates for each bet, as it gives you a good sense of how everyone else in the group has gone with their stakes. Without using multiple lines, I managed to double my money, and I would have won more had I been more familiar with the Syndicates and staked higher as a result.

I used Syndicates and then also the Free Play function when it was available. I really liked the Free Play, I think that it could attract a lot more users to get involved.

Q: You mentioned earlier that the Syndicates streamlined your betting process, but was there anything extra that you think might have been missing?

I think that something to think about would potentially be sorting any open Syndicates by their picks, as I couldn’t find a way to do that. So instead, I had to trawl through everything to see what I agreed with. I think that it would be more user-friendly if you would have able to filter the open syndicates by picking you own predictions and seeing which Syndicates they align with.

Seeing as the website is based mainly around picking correct scores, maybe it would be good to have some kind of correct score counter on Syndicate managers’ profiles, so that it is easier to gauge how trustworthy they are. It would definitely get me more interested in staking higher if manager’s stats were made public.

Q: I’ve had trouble with some other people which I know understanding how everything works, without me going into detail… any problems?

I think that it is relatively easy to understand, but I do think that it could be clarified exactly how the money is split if you bet less than £2.00 per line – or exactly how many units you buy.

For example, if I bet £1.00, it would say playing for £2500 instead of £5000. Then, looking at the units left it would give me a definitive number.

Q: So, the big question, would you get friends involved?

I would probably recommend Syndicates to people who enjoy going for long-shot accumulators, regular betters who put time in, or those who have a good general understanding of the sport they are putting their money on. I don’t think I could recommend it to a casual better.

If there was more flexibility with searching for Syndicates filtered by your own predictions for games, then I think that the whole process would become a little more casual and accommodate to people who don’t want to spend a lot of time trawling through different groups.

If it was possible to set up Syndicates where you can select either the exact or at least a wider range of games that you would like to bet on, rather than being given pools, I think that the personalisation that this would give to Syndicates would make it extremely good for playing with friends.

Want to get involved in Syndicates?

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