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Sharing and Socialising with your Syndicate

The beauty of Colossus Bets’ syndicate markets is how easily they can become their very own form of online socialising. With people able to build followers on their syndicate accounts and share widely across social media, this increases their number of potential crowd-funders. With such unprecedented jackpots available, Colossus is a means for people to work together and place faith in someone else to cash out at the right time or not as the case may be.

Syndicates take your usual accumulator betting approach and socialise it. It creates a relationship with other punters that no other site has managed to make as accessible and as open. A merger between social media and having a flutter brings together the best of both worlds all with the eventual aim of winning a bit of money. The prizes vary from a nice win to a life-changing bank booster, that’s how significant Colossus can be.

While some may be put off by having to put faith in others, this is where Colossus really has hit the nail perfectly on the head. Able to follow certain ‘captains’ who you have seen win or feel you can trust, the syndicate pools lend themselves to interaction with others and investing your funds in familiar accounts.

With each syndicate being given a unique link, it is so very easy to begin your path to financial glory with close friends or relatives. Whether it be on a Facebook group chat, quick WhatsApp message or the good old-fashioned text, that link makes it immensely straightforward to find your syndicate. The link – which can be shared widely on social media – is a smooth way to get people directly to your picks.

Previously – and this is still a usable option – a code was given to each syndicate that would need to be put into the search bar below. Should any issues arise with the link, the code can still be work just as smoothly.


Syndicate Search


I have had good experience with this already. With some of my friends having dabbled in Colossus’ pools previously, they were aware of the site but unaware of the syndicate option. Despite some initial confusion at how it works, a clear explanation of a straightforward betting method changed their perception immediately.

While we will happily critique each other’s accumulators on a weekly basis, the syndicate gave an option for us to work together and have the potential for the greatest of moment of all; a team victory.

It can be as democratic as working together on selecting your picks before submission, or it can be a little more captain-led. The captain ultimately will make the final decisions, but the easy access of a unique, one-off code makes it feasible to regularly pool together with friends for the whole cost of the ticket or cover it partially yourselves and hope for investment from one of the many others on Colossus syndicates.

The risk that most people see when they join a syndicate is that they are throwing money into a bet that may not even make it to the first match. While it would be grossly unfair if this was the case, a syndicate that is not fully funded returning your investment is a positive for any potential punter.

As I explained the workings of a syndicate to people, the idea of offering only a small amount towards a high-price ticket appealed to many. It minimises your winnings, sure, but it plays to the people who want longer odds and smaller risk. Others, however, are drawn in by the potential to invest a significant proportion of a syndicate.

Syndicate betting takes some control away, but it is a delegation of responsibility. It is a process of picking a captain to take control of your money. This is not done blindly, though. You are investing in their selections from that specific pool as much as anything. In some cases, syndicates are a great way for people to hand over their funds to someone they feel has greater knowledge than themselves. Colossus’ syndicates have plenty of high profile tipsters who will promote their picks across social media on a regular basis.

This leads smoothly onto the importance of Twitter particularly in the promotion of Colossus’ syndicates. I have had my own syndicates funded through people who have followed a link from my Twitter account, which appears as below.

Socialising with your Syndicate

You can tweet this immediately after you create a syndicate and it is easy to either retweet your own tweet or tweet the entire thing again.

A simple search on Twitter for ‘@ColossusBets Syndicate’ is a great way to find a plethora of betting accounts and experts who will be sharing their picks in a range of pools.

On top of this, interaction with fellow captains – or with people who reply to your tweet – opens up the debate further. We could be talking about Ireland’s chances of beating Wales or why I opted for there to be so many goals in the Premier League matches last weekend, either way it is a great way to draw people towards your syndicate.

Social media is an increasing part of our lives, it is only natural it becomes a more influential part of the betting world. Whether you find a near fully-funded syndicate that you have great faith in or want to boost the backing of a syndicate you are captaining, Twitter is an ideal means of doing so.

Colossus’ Syndicates are a new world of betting. Friends and family have been perhaps quizzical towards it initially, but the flexibility with which you can contribute makes it a hugely versatile option. While some may prefer the autonomy of captaincy, others the laid back approach of an investor, Colossus’ Syndicates are a means of socialising en route to winning a potentially hefty sum of money.

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