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Christmas Presents – 11 FreePlays and other goodies

Christmas Presents

Visit to play our lotto-sized Jackpots. 18+

Ho-Ho-How we’ve got some treats for you to look forward to over the festive period!

From Friday 21st December 2018 up to Tuesday 1st January 2019, everyone with a Colossus player account can look forward to a special mix of FreePlays (or free bets), Rollovers, Boosted guarantees, Best Dividend Guaranteed pools and Big Jackpots!

11 FreePlays

From time to time, your account may receive FreePlay tokens into Colossus pools. FreePlay tokens allow you to play for free, yet with all the functionality of real money play. Yes, that means real money prizes and Cash Out offers! Tokens will either be awarded for individual pools or allow you to choose from a list of pools. 

Keep an eye on the “FreePlay” tab each day as every player with a Colossus account will receive 11 FreePlays over our festive period!

For your information

You will only receive information about FreePlays if you are opted into our newsletters. If you are not opted in but want to change that, then simply do the following:

  1. Log in and navigate to ‘My account’ (click your username on desktop)
  2. Go to ‘Account details’
  3. Find Notifications / Preferences and make sure the ‘Receive Email notifications’ checkbox is ticked


Big Jackpots


  • £1,000,000 Correct Score Pick 6 pools – predict the Correct Score of 6 football matches
  • £800,000 1X2 Pick 15 pools – predict the correct outcome of 15 football matches
  • £5,000,000 Colossus – predict the Correct Score of 7 football matches
  • £250,000 Asian Handicap Pick 20 – predict correct goals handicap of 20 football matches
  • £250,000 Over/Under 2.5 Goals Pick 20 – predict whether there will be less than 3, or 3 or more goals in 20 football matches
  • Saturday 7 Horse Racing pools – predict the winner of 7 horse races
  • £100,000 NFL Point Margin Pick 7 pools – predict the correct winning point margin in 7 NFL games


13 Best Dividend Guaranteed Place 6 pools

Including all eight British Place 6 pools on Boxing Day. (Pick a placed horse, or multiple placed horses, in six horse races)

What is a Best Dividend Guaranteed (BDG) pool?

Colossus may offer a guarantee on dividends published against comparative pools offered by other pool betting operators. This means that if a competitor declares a guarantee greater than the dividend declared by Colossus for a comparative pool, Colossus will top-up winning ticket holders with the difference.

Learn more about Best Dividend Guaranteed here.


4 Rollovers

If a Jackpot prize is not won, we carry forward the stakes contributed into that pool to a future equivalent pool (and so on indefinitely until the pool is won). This process and the relevant amount carried forward are referred to as a ‘rollover’.

You can look forward to at least 4 Rollovers in our festive period, including:


4 Boosts

Colossus may choose to increase or ‘boost’ the guarantee of a pool after it has opened for betting. Any pool with a boosted prize will be displayed with a ‘boosted’ icon on the pools list and in the pool header on the coupon.

We’ll be boosting the guarantees of at least 4 pools over the festive period, including the following:

Visit to play our lotto-sized Jackpots. 18+

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