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Colossus unveil star-studded brand ambassadors line up

At Colossus we believe that you should go big or go home, which is why we offer the world’s largest sport and racing jackpots. However, we decided that we also need the star power to go with those star prizes, which is why we are delighted to announce our incredible line up of brand ambassadors for the month of April.

These icons of music and fashion are even committing to changing their names by deed poll for a month to show their dedication to Colossus. So, who are the fantastic four brand ambassadors joining the Colossus team for the next few weeks?


Pool McCartneypaul mccartney

The Beatles icon was immediately drawn to Syndicate betting, which is all about taking on Colossus pools with a little help from your friends.

Be warned that if you do join his Syndicates, he very rarely decides to Cash Out, preferring to allow his ticket to ride.


Johnny Cash Out

Appearing via hologram, the legendary late singer is one of the biggest icons in the history of rock and rollover.

In 2005 a biopic of his life dominated the Oscars and was named after his biggest hit, Walk the Line. Whether he ever had any inclination to perm the lines is open to speculation.


Cindycate Crawford

cindy crawfordThe third star to join our list of brand ambassadors is the iconic Cindy Crawford.

Having become one of the biggest stars of the fashion world in the 90s, mathematically-minded Colossus players will be thrilled at the inclusion of a modelling expert on the list.

Will they be disappointed when they realise her modelling abilities extend to the catwalk and not picking value in horse racing pools? We’re not sure.


Akon-solation Prizes

Akon will be hoping that as many Colossus players as possible join his guest Syndicates so he’s not lonely.

A fan of partial Cash Out, the R&B star firmly believes that you should get some cash locked up as soon as possible. He certainly won’t dither during half-time Cash Out windows and isn’t afraid to act right now (na na na).


And one that got away…


Graham Placepotter

We were Tote-ally gutted when the Brighton & Hove Albion manager decided that his loyalties lay with another pools betting company instead of Colossus. With the Seagulls facing a relegation battle, he needs all the points he can get at the moment. Doesn’t he know that Colossus offer greater returns?



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