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Callum Tabreham

Callum is a freelance writer who specialises in blending the worlds of sport, business and technology.

With over 4 years of experience writing for online publications, he is resided to the fact that he will never get to write a ‘home-town heroes’ story, whittled down by years of disappointment as a Nottingham Forest fan.

Stories By Callum Tabreham

  • Sport

    Most own goals in Premier League history | Top 5

    The dreaded own goal. One wrong leg placement or a mistimed clearance can be the start of any defender’s nightmare. There’s only one possible response; hang your head in shame, take a deep breath, avoid eye contact with the crowd and wait for the whistle.

  • Sport

    Which goalkeepers have conceded the most Premier League goals?

    The role of the goalkeeper is unrelenting and it is one which requires consistency more so than any other on the pitch. Of course not every goal conceded is down to the goalie and even the best shot-stoppers can concede a huge amount of goals depending on the length of their careers and the quality of teams that they played in.

  • Sport

    5 surprising Premier League free kick takers

    Many will argue that Ronaldo isn’t the free kick god that others proclaim him to be. Though it’s safe to say that his name will inevitably come up in any conversation that has the faintest mention of set-pieces.

  • Sport

    Who has the most assists in Premier League history?

    The art of the playmaker. Not quite as revered as the lone striker or record goalscorer, but a position which takes just as much skill and deserves all the same praise. Calmness under pressure, spatial awareness and a keen eye only begin to scratch the surface of what’s needed to make it at the highest level.

  • Sport

    Who is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world? | Top 5

    The role of the number one spot has changed drastically in recent years. Goalkeepers are judged critically on their ability to start plays, as much as they are for saving three points. Every club needs strength at the back, whether that’s home-grown or sourced from afar, but sometimes breaking transfer fees doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Sport

    Who are the four English Ballon d’Or winners?

    The most sought after one-man trophy in all of football; the Ballon d’Or. Such a prestigious award typically evokes thoughts of overseas excellence. Kaká won it in 2007 after leading Milan to a Champions League victory, leaving Ronaldo and Messi as runners up.

  • Sport

    Who are the all time La Liga top scorers?

    There’s a lot to love about La Liga. It has two of the best football stadiums in Europe, the biggest derby in Europe, and the almost decade long Messi-Ronaldo rivalry. Year after year the Spanish top-flight delights with the arrival of all magnitude of managers, prodigies and superstars.

  • Sport

    Great footballers who never won a trophy

    It’s much easier to discuss football’s great players when you have the titles and track-records to back up your claims. On the other side, there are players who deserve the spotlight but whose trophy cabinets stay empty.

  • Sport

    5 top class managers who were brilliant players too

    Success as a manager comes in many different forms, whether that be through title defenses, relegation comebacks or gaining a cult-like fan following. Many of the managers we know and love have had trophy-laden playing careers, yet these are often overshadowed by their achievements on the touchline.

  • Sport

    Who were the best forwards of the 90s?

    The 1990s. A decade of unknown overseas signings, terrible haircuts and Jason McAteer on the cover of Fifa ‘96. Pre-smartphone, pre-VAR and the first days of the Premier League. Many fans will hark back to the ‘90s as a golden-era of Football, where the players of yesteryear are now either long-forgotten or have attained a cult-like status by fans and pundits alike.

  • Sport

    Who is the all time top goalscorer in the Europa League?

    Often overlooked, yet surprisingly exciting, the Europa League has been home to some of the best games of the past decade. Routinely overshadowed by the Champions League (it’s European counterpart), the immense satisfaction of seeing a last minute underdog upset is second-to-none.


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