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Which goalkeepers have conceded the most Premier League goals?

The role of the goalkeeper is unrelenting and it is one which requires consistency more so than any other on the pitch. Of course not every goal conceded is down to the goalie and even the best shot-stoppers can concede a huge amount of goals depending on the length of their careers and the quality of teams that they played in. Nevertheless, we’ve put together a list of the five goalkeepers who have conceded the most goals in Premier League history.


5 most goals conceded in Premier League history


5th. Lukasz Fabianski (373)

Former Arsenal goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski is first up. Despite having conceded 373 goals in his time in the Premier League, the 35-year-old has been a staple for West Ham this season, who have made a mockery of theose who expected them to struggle against relegation all season.

Signed to the Gunners from Warsaw in 2007, his first 7 years in English football were rather uneventful, averaging around four games a season as back-up for Almunia and Szczęsny. His move to Swansea in 2014 was the start of first-team favour, debuting with a win over Man Utd at Old Trafford. Four seasons as Swansea number one were eclipsed with their relegation in 2018, sealing his recent move to West Ham, where he is still stealing the headlines.


4th. Jussi Jaaskelainen (377)

One of the best names to grace the commentary box in English football? Juss-it is.

Bolton’s go-to goalkeeper from 2001 – 2012, Jussi Jaaskelainen made 434 appearances in the Premier League and conceded a total of 377 goals, the fourth most in Premier League history. Signed for just £100,000 back in 1997, it’s safe to say the big Finn earned his fee back, and then some, after a long 15 years at the Wanderers.

Two penalty saves in short succession against Blackburn Rovers in 2007 and an outrageous double save against Scholes and Cole in 2001 are stand-out highlights from his life in top-flight football.


3rd. Joe Hart (383)

Holding the joint-record for most Premier League Golden Gloves clearly comes at a price. Third on our list of most Premier League goals conceded is Joe Hart with 383 in 340 games.

Man City and England’s golden boy from 2010 – 2014, Hart dominated the clean sheet tally’s, winning four consecutive golden gloves. He also picked up two Premier League winners’ medals, 1 FA Cup and a League Cup in the process. Despite an impressive 127 clean-sheets, he still hasn’t quite made it onto our all-time empty net list, though this could be down to a lack of matches compared to the rest.


2nd. Tim Howard (385)

The United States’ most prolific and most capped goalkeeper, Tim Howard, is up next. 13 years in the Premier League saw Howard concede 385 goals in 399 games. When Edwin van der Sar came to town in ‘06, Howard set his eyes on the bright lights of Everton, where he played out the next 10 seasons before a move back to the MLS.

His record was remarkably similar to that of another legendary American goalkeepers, Brad Friedel, with both managing 132 Premier League clean sheets, although Howard managed it in 51 fewer games. However, he also conceded an additional 79 goals to Friedel’s 306 and that is enough to put him second on our list of the most Premier League goals conceded.


1st. Ben Foster (521)

The dubious honour of most goals conceded in the Premier League era goes to Watford’s number one – Ben Foster. The step up from second to first place is quite a considerable one, with Foster conceding 521 goals in 364 appearances.

After struggling to break the ranks of Manchester United’s first team, Foster enjoyed his longest main-starter spells at both Watford and West Brom from 2005 onwards. He played a crucial role in Watford’s Championship playoff run in 2006 and was applauded by Ferguson as the best English goalkeeper in 2010. An on-off relationship at United followed, and despite high hopes, Foster’s time at Manchester never really took off.

His biggest wins have so far amounted to 3 League Cups (one with Birmingham) and a smattering of Player of the Season awards. Watford’s 2019 FA Cup final hopes were also dashed after a 6-0 thrashing to Man City, though Foster was sidelined in favour of Gomes for that one.



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