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£18,861 winner at Lingfield

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We’ve had a couple of brilliant winners in our Racing pools in between Christmas and the New Year, including a Solo winner in our Win 6 Rollover at Lingfield who scooped a huge £18,861.

Let’s have a look at that lucky punter and a couple of others who will head into 2019 with a well-increased bank balance.

£16 ticket in our Win 6 Rollover at Lingfield takes home £18,861

Super work by this Solo punter, particularly in legs 2 and 4, who picked out 5/1 and 9/2 winners that managed to beat the favourites in their respective races.

Another single selection, Let Rip, pulled through in leg 5  leaving just 12.3 units in the hunt for the prize going into the last leg.

Tan (9/2) won by 2 lengths in the last leg to secure a whopping £18,665 profit on their £16 ticket!

You wouldn’t have held it against them had they opted to make a Cash Out somewhere in the pool but they made the correct decision to resist any temptation.

Not many will be experiencing a better end to 2018 than our friend here!


Only winner in Kempton Place 6 walks away with £3,871

Well played Rob, who managed to win our Place 6 at Kempton on Thursday 27th December as he scored 8 winning lines on his £25.60 ticket!

Rob had four selections in leg 1 on his ticket with just one of those, Chaparral Prince, managing to place.

Two placed horses in the 2nd race as Dynamite Dollars held off the well-fancied Kalashnikov – with Rob wise enough to choose both.

Culture De Sivola (8/1) did the business for him in leg 3. Momella pulling up caused quite a stir in the pool, leaving just 3.2 units in the hunt for the Jackpot.

A tidy 10% Cash Out prior to the Desert Orchid Chase meant Rob had locked in over 10 times his stake.

He was also wise to double up on the mighty Altior in leg 4 (selecting the unnamed favourite, thus giving him another two winning lines if Altior placed – it won easily). Rob was now looking at a minimum of 4 winning lines if he could successfully navigate the final 2 legs.

Two more placed horses in leg 5 gave him a chance at winning on at least 8 lines if he could get the winner in the final leg, and Eddiemaurice (9/1) duly obliged to his encouraging screams by winning and securing a £3,600 dividend on top of his Cash Out.

£25.60 turned into £3,871. Superb!


Artifice Syndicate scoops a healthy £2,038 in Leopardstown Place 6

A solid first half of the pool gave the 10-person Syndicate the potential for at least 3 winning lines thanks to three placed horses in leg 2.

The Captain Cashed Out 20% for £233 after leg 3, locking in a bit more than 3 times the stake for each contributor.

But the second half of the pool would prove to be even better and that began with banker selection Apple’s Jade easily winning in the Christmas Hurdle.

Artifice decided to Cash another 10% for £148 with contributors now assured 5 times their stake regardless of whether the Syndicate crashed out in the final 2 legs.

That wouldn’t happen in leg 5 as they scored another 2 placed horses and they were now relishing the possibility of winning on at least 6 lines.

The last leg turned out to be a bonanza for the Syndicate as they had selected 4 placed horses! That meant they had won the pool on 24 different lines!

A total cost of £75 had been transformed into £2,038. Congratulations to all involved!

Start playing our Racing pools here. 18+

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