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Weekly Winners


Weekly Winners

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It’s been a thrilling start to the new season, with plenty of you continuing to hit those big winners. Here is a look at the pick of the bunch from the past 7 days in our latest weekly winners piece.

£3 bet wins £29,122

Tuesday afternoon proved an extra special Epsom meet for this Pick 6 punter. Using £1 stakes, they placed a 3 line ticket made up of three selections in race 1 and single banker selections in the remaining 5 legs. Majestic Mac did the business in the first and it was smooth from there on in as the remaining 5 selections all steamed home, earning this player an eye watering £29,122!

Midweek Pick 15 Consolation winner

For those of you that thought the Pick 15 was a weekend only event, think again! Tuesday night saw one player build a £16 ticket only to miss the perfect 15 out of 15 by one leg. Aston Villa surprisingly failed to beat Burton, but worry not, this player walked away with £5,560 in Consolation prizes – Colossus reward you for those oh so close near misses 🙂


Making Sunday’s Gr-eight again

Now that all the European leagues are officially up and running, the return of a Euro flavoured Pick 8 has been well received and especially by this £4 punter. Watford maintained their 100% winning record in the Premier League with a surprise victory over Spurs, knocking out plenty of other Pick 8 players who’d banked on the North Londoner’s to get the win. Their loss was this punters gain – the final payout for their £4 ticket came to a handsome £3,473.

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Visit to play our lotto-sized Jackpots. 18+

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