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    What are the best sports stadiums since 2010?

    The past decade has seen many sporting clubs leave old homes behind and move into shiny new stadiums. Across the world, these impressive megastructures tower over players and amaze fans. Some were built especially for major events whilst others were strategic plans that have been in the pipelines for years.

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    Athletes who played multiple sports

    The idea of elite athletes switching sports has always been a confusing sight. Seeing NBA player Nate Robinson laying sparked on the canvas at the hands of a YouTuber turned ‘boxer’ has got many discussing other athletes who have changed sports.

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    Most unusual sports venues in the world

    UFC president Dana White was ridiculed when he first revealed his idea for a Fight Island. However, the event has been a huge success, made all the more impressive by the constraints of COVID-19. Before the event, images of the octagon on the sands of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi got fans excited for what promised to be one of the most unusual sports venues in the world.

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    When did sport return after COVID-19?

    After months of battling through the pandemic, Covid-19’s stranglehold has finally loosened in some countries. Normal life is slowly returning in some parts of the world and that is evidenced by the return of sports in several countries.

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    3 global events that cancelled sports around the world

    Covid-19’s global impact has forced us to rethink our daily lives and consider a new normal way of living. Even our beloved sport, so often a source of escape from the word’s doom and gloom, wasn’t immune to the catastrophic effects of the virus.

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    The seven richest sportsmen of all time

    Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the club of seven, the elite group of highest paid athletes who have gathered more than $1 billion during their career. On a sporting rich list that renowned American business magazine Forbes regularly publishes, 35-year-old Ronaldo is now among the seven richest sportsmen of all time.