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Andrew Roach

Andrew is a freelance writer with over 10 years experience. As an avid Arsenal fan, he is still waiting for The Gunners to win that all elusive league title!

Stories By Andrew Roach

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    Arsenal players in the Premier League Hall of Fame

    With constant success through the Premier League’s existence, many of Arsenal’s top stars have made numerous highlights down the years. Whether it was at Highbury or The Emirates Stadium, success have never been too far away from The Gunners.

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    The top 10 Japanese players in Bundesliga history

    The German Bundesliga has always been a great platform for global superstars to get adjusted to life in elite European leagues. It has a particularly strong following in the Far East with dozens of Asian footballers appearing in the league down the years.

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    The best Dominican Republic footballers of all time

    The Caribbean is always a surprising source of football talent with each island boasting major stars. Despite sports such as baseball and basketball having a higher profile in the Dominican Republic, the Latin nation has started producing some major stars.

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    The greatest Danish Superliga XI of all time

    When it comes to being a hotbed of natural talent, few domestic leagues have regularly provided a tough testing ground quite like the Danish Superliga. Since 1991, the Danish top flight has proven to be an excellent breeding ground for young Nordic talents as well as a good launch point for talents from across the world.

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    Greatest Cypriot players of all time

    Having been influenced by British, Greek and Turkish customs down the years, Cyprus has always been a surprising mix of football styles and cultures. It’s blend of different influences have seen the island always looking to prove itself against bigger opposition.

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    Greatest Danish XI in Eredivisie history

    European football has always benefitted from having so many nations sharing borders. It allows footballers to explore new leagues without too much of a culture shock. A great example of this is the number of Danish stars that have appeared in Dutch football over the years.

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    The greatest Premier League sibling duos

    It’s an achievement in itself for just one footballer to reach a top professional league. So it’s even more astounding when pairs of siblings feature in a professional league – yet alone one that has the profile of the English Premier League.

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    The greatest Monaco XI of all time

    It’s almost unheard for an entire nation to play in another domestic league yet this is what AS Monaco has done for an entire century. Since they were founded in 1918, Monaco have been a top side in French football showcasing that the Principality aren’t there to make up the numbers.

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    The greatest Czech players in Bundesliga history

    Germany’s location in the middle of Europe makes it a great place for European footballers to break into the highest echelons of world football. Sharing an eastern border with Germany, many Czech footballers head west to try and make an impact within the Bundesliga.

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    The Premier League’s greatest Curacaoan players

    Curacao has benefitted a lot from the European football scene. As a sporting nation heavily influenced through being a Dutch dependency, the Caribbean island is often a surprising source of footballing talents.

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    The most successful sides in Croatian football history

    Whether as an independent nation or as part of Yugoslavia, Croatia has always been a footballing hotpot. Not only has Croatia been a regular source of technically gifted players, it has also had a strong domestic scene that has allowed them to flourish before moving to the elite echelons of world football.


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