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English football seemingly has a problem. Actually no, it’s English society with the issue.

Whenever someone from any walk of life looks to better themselves, the English way isn’t to support them and wish them well. Oh no. In England, jealousy reigns and it really is becoming an epidemic.

Build them up to knock them down is a phrase often used when pertaining to sections of the English media, and this can perfectly well apply itself to professional footballers.

It’s often forgotten that they are only doing their day job.

Ask yourself…if a company from the same sphere of work suddenly came to head hunt you, promised you whatever you needed to get the job done and would at least double your salary…well, you wouldn’t turn him down would you. Would you ?!

So why is it that young Raheem Sterling, keen to better himself in a professional sense, has been hung out to dry, particularly by those connected with Liverpool Football Club?

So his agent is a nightmare to deal with. With the greatest of respect what football agent isn’t.

It’s unfortunate that the machinations of Sterling’s deal have found their way into the public domain but we can infer that the information has become available by a series of leaks designed to make Sterling look like the bad guy.

The fact of the matter is he has seen Luis Suarez leave for Barcelona, Steven Gerrard not offered a new contract, and players coming into the club that don’t really fit the profile.

On that basis, Sterling has made an adult decision to move to Manchester City because he believes that it better serves his professional interests of winning trophies.

Yes the money is the sweetener of course, but I’d be prepared to hazard a guess that he would’ve moved anyway.

Whether the Anfield faithful like it or not, at present they are trailing in the slipstream of the Citizens. The quality of player that City can purchase is a huge upgrade on what Brendan Rodgers is trying to cobble together.

His purchasing policy this summer smacks of a manager that knows he’s on death row with the injection about to be administered. £32 million for Christian Benteke is a perfect example.

Indeed, if we’re talking transfer fees many will scoff at the £49 million that City have forked out on Sterling.

Players don’t set the bar in monetary terms so Sterling can hardly be taken to task over the same but in any event, taking into account age, potential and that he will soon be regarded as an England regular (if he isn’t already), the spend from a club that can quite clearly afford it, doesn’t represent a risk.

That’s the long and short of it. Even at £49m, Sterling doesn’t represent a risk.

Exciting, dynamic and with a keen eye for goal, in the right team he will excel. There’s no reason to doubt that Manchester City will be that team. Whose free-flowing and attacking model will perfectly complement Sterling’s skill set.

The only thing the youngster is guilty of is a craving for success. If people want to deny him that then there really is no hope…

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