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Romford betting tips: Swift Tarquin looks a dead cert

It’s week two of Romford’s open racing return and David Young returns to tackle the £27,000+ Rollover Win 8 after a strong showing last week. When asked about his confidence levels ahead of this week’s preview, he told us; “7 of the 8 races I’m reasonably confident in. The other race will be fully covered which is a major bonus of these syndicates”. Read on for his Romford betting tips and join his Syndicate.


Romford betting tips


18:09 – 225M – OR

Sprints aren’t the most stable of races to be playing, especially so at Romford with the race run over just 225 metres. However, I’ve been waiting for WALL GARDEN to drop back to the trip and he has a leading chance in a race lacking any depth bar SLANEYSIDE ONEIL. He’s the main threat on the clock, but he’s a bang railer although he is 1 from 2 out of this box. He’ll be looking to ping and move inside but that win from this trap came over 4 bends with less pace inside. You can see from his recent times at that trip he arrives here in top form though.

Selections – 6,4


18:28 – 400M – OR

A 4 bend race here for the girls in the second leg of my Romford betting tips and 4 of the 6 runners faced each other here last week.

SWABYS LUCIEJANE was the outsider of the quartet but she landed the spoils. There was only ¾ of a length between her PINK OSTERIA & NEWINN LIZ and it’s hard to split the trio again. PINK OSTERIA was drawn I three and moved to the rails so now being drawn in 1 should be able to show her best, although she pinged last time out so a repeat of that sectional might not happen. She still should lead up on the inside.

SEAGLASS SHADOW was 4 lengths back and was sent off favourite but she wasn’t able to lead and that’s where she’s able to show her best. Now drawn outside of NEWINN LIZ that pair are likely to bump on the run up as SEAGLASS SHADOW does move in.

BANG ON ANNIE in 4 has plenty of early zip and might move across into 3 on the run up but she won her race here last week although again she wants to be leading to show her best. FAYDAS JET in two has been brought back slowly but she’ll be better than she was before the forced break and that means she is very much in the mix here. She’ll want to lead up also so this really does look a trappy affair in every sense of the word. Considering the perk of a syndicate is that we can afford to create extra lines I’m going for full cover here despite my initial preference being for the inside trio.

Selections – 1,2,3,4,5,6


18:43 – 400M – OR

Heat 1 of the Friday Night Standard now and the first two go through to the final next week so these are always worth watching for quick form lines. This does look like a good opportunity for TIFFIELD BLUEBOY but the draw killed him last time and he still would prefer to be closer to the rails than from 3. That said, he will hopefully see a smoother passage to the first bend and if he skips round in front then he’ll land this.

HAVE A BRANDY in 4 will want to move inside also so his task does look fraught with danger which brings in both 5 and 6 for me. Now SWIFT COPE in 5 was behind TIFFIELD BLUEBOY last week and was sent off 11/1 against him, but he was slow into stride and suffered severe interference. If he was able to trap a bit more like he’s shown in the past he might just be able to get round on the outside, especially so if the 4 inside do bump on the run up as is anticipated.

SWIFT SABBATH in 6 finished 5 lengths in front of the 5 recently in an A1 at Yarmouth but 5 is 2 years his junior and I feel he’ll be overpriced but no without a chance. 6 does have the plum draw and is able to trap though.

Selections – 3,5,6


18:58 – 400M – OR

Heat 2 of the Friday Night Standard and I think this looks to be GOLDIES HODDLE’S race to lose in Trap 1.

He’s a decent trapper with loads of early and he’s fast enough over 4 bends to be the on they all have to beat. He has a nice draw although 2 is capable of going with him to the bend but is 1/9 out of the trap and might just do the selection a favour by running middle to the bend. If GENTLE JET in 6 was able to produce his penultimate sectional he would be the most likely danger and is the youngest runner in this field.

Selections – 1,6


19:18 – 400M – OR

Heat 3 now and it’s Trap 3 that I like. He’s quick enough on the clock and is one runner on this card I’m very interested in. DROOPYS MAC in 2 is capable on his day but doesn’t seem likely to lead the 1 into the bend who himself has been improving with each start although has a bit to find on the clock with 3.

FILM STAR in 6 hasn’t raced here or even trialled which is a typical worry, but is interesting on his recent Yarmouth times, especially in a heat that looks leadable and I doubt he’ll carry many units

Selections – 3,6


19:38 – 575M – OR

Stayers Heat 1 now and I’d make SWIFT TARQUIN in Trap 1 a warm order to take this. Plenty of the runners have lots to prove still at this trip and I expect him to lead from pillar to post so he’s the only selection I’ll take in the fifth leg of my Romford betting tips.

BUBBLY DUDLEY or TIFFIELD MAXIUMUS are the most likely runners to peg him back or take advantage of any mishaps.

Selection – 1


19:58 – 575M – OR

Heat 2 of the stayers and I think I’ve got another easy pick in here with PERRYS CHOICE in Trap 2 looking the one to beat. We do have a race with 5 dogs who like to run close to the rail and BUBBLY COUGAR races from the 3 box and led him up last week. If the same thing happens here then he’s going to take some pegging but I feel confident the winners come from that pair, unless they scupper each others chances on the run up.

Selections – 2,3


20:17 – 400M – OR

A puppies 4 bend race to close my Romford betting tips and the inside traps looks to have the winner among them. Both 1 and 2 have a couple of lengths on the field but it’s hard to know which one would lead up.

DROOPYS RITZ is in 1 and although he has less course experience he’s already clocked 24:02 which is rapid. PANTONE QUEST in 3 can be thrown into the mix too as despite being sent off 9/1 against the 10/11 of GOLDIES LINEKAR (Trap 2) last time out, he managed to get within 2 lengths and suffered a rough ride. SLIPPY ROSE in 4 was a further 7 lengths back but she’ll be happier drawn where she is today.

Selections – 1,2,3



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