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Peter Wright reveals how social media hate drove him to glory

Peter Wright reveals how social media hate drove him to glory

Pumped-up Peter Wright revealed that the social media haters drove him to become a World Champion. The Scottish ace is aiming to kickstart his Premier League campaign with a win over World Cup team-mate Gary Anderson in Nottingham on Thursday night.

But Snakebite, 49, admits that all the nasty jibes of “Plastic Jock”, “Parrot” and “Clown” down the years made him work even harder to shut them all up.

Speaking exclusively to Phil Lanning for Colossus, he said: “All the horrible things and everything we’ve had in the past that helped me become more determined to prove them wrong. I wanted to show they couldn’t stop me, the more that was said bad against me, I just kept going no matter what they said.”

“It’s funny because those people made me win the World Championship in the end, they gave me the motivation to keep winning to keep them quiet. They can carry on now saying what they want, it doesn’t bother me.”

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Wright also admitted that there was a special moment a day after Worlds glory when he and wife Jo finally felt the win sink in.

He added: “I think Jo said it, you’ve actually gone and done it, you’ve finally done it. Every Christmas she says to me, ‘I want one present, I want the World Championship trophy’. Now you’ve done it!”

“It was one morning when we woke up. I think just a day or so after getting home from the Worlds. I think the pressure is off me now if anything. I’ve now won the biggest, I know how to win it and want to defend it next year.”

“My target this year is retaining the World Cup for Scotland. Gas is playing well again and I think we can be pretty unbeatable. I’m also looking forward to the Matchplay and hopefully I can lift that one.”

“We don’t do stars on shirts, we don’t need them. There is a new look coming. Not even a star painted on the head. Everyone does stars, but that’s too run of the mill for me!”

Wright has vowed to “bash” Michael van Gerwen in the Premier League final after losing his first match of 2020 to his old foe. Snakebite threw away a 2-0 lead to eventually lose out to MVG in a proper slugfest in Aberdeen last Thursday.

The Scot got a rousing reception on his homecoming but was left to rue too many early missed chances against the World No.1 and went down 7-5.

Wright, who produced a fantastic 157 finish, said: “I should have been 5-0 up but I missed my doubles tonight. I did OK in patches but that’s not good enough against Michael. I tried not to listen to the crowd on the walk-on. And I didn’t cry, even though it was coming close. I’m having the operation in a couple of weeks to get my tear ducts taken out!”

“I’ll get used to being announced as World Champion, but the aim is to make it Double World Champion this time next year. It’s not harder playing as World Champion, I was just more annoyed I let the home crowd down. I’ll get Michael in the Final of this and I’ll bash him in that.”

“I’m nearly settled with a set of darts. It’s just the points I’m mucking about with. I just enjoyed being on the stage with these guys at some point or being in the Top 32 and being close to those guys, but now I am one of them.”

“I’ll get him. It’s just one game. It doesn’t mean nothing. If he gets to the final, because I will, I’ll beat him.”


Night Two, Thursday February 13 – Nottingham

Motorpoint Arena

Rob Cross v Nathan Aspinall

Gerwyn Price v Michael Smith

Gary Anderson v Peter Wright

Glen Durrant v Fallon Sherrock

Daryl Gurney v Michael van Gerwen



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