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‘One for the People’ – Bet Boss Syndicate nets £38,768 from £64!

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An amazing weekend for new Syndicate Captain Bet Boss, as his 24 person Syndicate enjoyed a staggering £38,768 payout in this week’s Asian Handicap Pick 20 – all from a £64 spend.

There were numerous twists and turns along the way, one of the most notable being a Jamie Vardy consolation at the death between Man Utd and Leciester on Friday night, which (without the goal) would have thwarted the ticket at the very first obstacle! 

Cash Out – better to be safe than sorry?

Offered £3,572 for his ticket before the 17:30 games on Saturday evening, he decided to take £1,428 for 40%. A comfortable victory for Leeds at Pride Park and a share of the spoils at Molineux meant the ticket would run until Sunday, as both handicaps were covered in the late game from Belgium.

On Sunday morning, Bet Boss decided it was time to Cash Out again. Offered £8,357 for the remaining 60% of the ticket, he banked 10% for £1,392, meaning the Syndicate were still playing for £140,458, whilst £2,821 was safely pocketed.

The final 4 legs

A goalless draw at St Mary’s meant there were only 4 legs left by this stage and the Cash Out offer was now an eye watering £25,064!


Bet Boss resisted the temptation, and his decision was justified, as last year’s champions Man City brushed aside Arsenal at the Emirates.

With both legs covered in games at Bordeaux and Charleroi, it meant it all came down to the Sunday night game between French giants PSG and Caen. For a colossal payout, Caen had to avoid a three goal defeat in the Parc des Princes.

With a £52,570 offer on the table, Bet Boss took a further 20% for £21,028, retaining 30% of the ticket.

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The Captain speaks

Discussing his decision to time his Cash Out’s when he did, Bet Boss said:

“I only owned 10% of the Syndicate myself so most of my players were in the same boat. I felt it was a good decision for me and probably good for all of us. If I’d had 50% of it I might have been a bit nervier!”


With the score 2-0 going in to the break, Bet Boss had one final opportunity to use Cash Out. £21,680 was on the table for the remaining 30%, he banked 20% for £14,453, leaving 10% riding on the second half, and a whopping £38,301 now banked for the Syndicate.

It turned out to be a very profitable decision, as an 89th minute Timothy Weah goal ensured a 3-0 victory for the Parisians.

After this superb win, Bet Boss admitted he may be increasing his share in his own ticket next week.


“This was the first Asian handicap Syndicate I’d tried and it filled pretty quickly. I may have to be a bit quicker myself next time! I’m glad lots of other people made some money though, it’s one for the people. Let’s see if we can go one better next week!”



It was certainly a weekend that Bet Boss and his other 23 players will not be forgetting in a hurry!

The Rollover continues in our Asian Handicap Pick 20!

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