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Weekend winners


Weekend winners

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Matt Bisogno and Geegeez conquer Irish Win 6 Rollover

The Rollover pool at Tramore had reached a chunky £55,134 by the time of the off at 14:10 on Sunday. Syndicate Captain Matt Bisogno decided the value was too good to ignore spending a total of £1,875 across 24 Syndicate tickets into the pool.

One of Matt’s Syndicates hit the bullseye, returning a mighty £15,100 from a ticket cost of £67.50!

Including consolation dividends across a number of Matt’s tickets, the total returns for the Geegeez crowd were £16,163 across the 24 tickets.

Read here how Matt describes his strategy and how the pool played out. We would certainly agree with Matt’s concluding observation: “If you’re not playing Colossus pools, you don’t know what you’re missing.”


Pick 8 punt pays off

Playing a £324 ticket into a Pick 8 pool might suggest that one is predicting a few upsets across the pool. Things began well for this customer as Reims overturned Lyon, eliminating over 5,500 Units (of a total 6,373) from the pool.

On Saturday, a draw between Cardiff and Newcastle as well as Bournemouth’s victory at West Ham aided the customer’s ticket further. They must have thought they were done and dusted when Chelsea found themselves 2-0 against Arsenal but, incredibly, Arsenal pegged them back! Fear not, as Marcos Alonso scored a late winner for Chelsea and the customer bagged over £4,000 profit on their ticket!

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