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Michael Smith blasts Piers Morgan for Coronavirus hypocrisy

Michael Smith blasts Piers Morgan for Coronavirus hypocrisy

Michael Smith has blasted TV presenters for being hypocrites as he starts his ‘virtual’ competitive darts career. The former World Championship runner-up is furious with the general public and broadcast media for ignoring government advice on social distancing.

29 year old Michael Smith has ranted on Facebook at Piers Morgan for criticising people for going out, yet himself travelling to TV studios and mixing with work colleagues.

The world number 5 said: “TV people are telling you to listen but they are just contradicting themselves by not doing it themselves.” michael smith

“He’s either got the tube to work or been driven to work and is then in a studio with cameramen filming. It won’t just be Good Morning Britain, it’ll be something filmed in there after that like This Morning. It’s stupid.”

“I think a lockdown is coming because people are just ignoring the advice. I’ve been fishing with my boy and a mate but he’s on the other side of the river. I went fishing over the weekend to a pond but there was a fishing match going on with loads of people so I went away to my own spot with my son Junior and no one else was there.”

“If I leave the house it’s either to go fishing for an hour or two. I’ve not been to a shop for about a week and got ridiculous amount of things. People have been told that the hot weather could get rid of it. It’s not getting cold again now, hopefully the better weather will kill the virus a lot quicker.”

Michael Smith has been using the extra home time for practice with his young sons Junior and Kasper but is now looking to take on fellow professionals online in virtual matches.

He added: “It’s great being with my two young boys. They are my practice partners but it’s hard to have throw with them both. Kasper has got about nine darts and Junior throws three, so I have to wait 12 darts between throws. It’s like playing in the World Cup pairs.”michael smith

“I like being at home with the wife and kids, but I also like working. We are doing home schooling with Junior. I didn’t like school as it was, I like it even less being a teacher. I can teach him maths for four or five hours a day no problem, just by playing darts.”

“But I’ve seen all the lads playing each other on n01 Live, so you can have virtual games against other players. I’ll be doing that I think. I might have a game against people I don’t know, but I’m not sure if they’ll cheat.”

“Chris Dobey has asked me to play plus Luke Humphries so I’ll just FaceTime them and have a game at the same time. The good thing is that it gives you that competition and the proper wait between throws, so it’s proper game play conditions.”

“I was saying to Whitey (Ian White) the other day, our first Pro Tour back if you don’t have a 110 average you are stuffed. Everyone is going to be smashing the board after weeks and weeks of practice!”

Michael Smith has also called for the Professional Darts Corporation to look after some of the players down the rankings who will be trying due to the enforced lay-off, a sentiment echoed by Nathan Aspinall.michael smith

He said: “The only thing I’m worried about is that players are going to go bankrupt. Some of the guys outside the top 32 have quit jobs trying to make it as a player, and they are now on the breadline.”

“I know they’ve said they are going to freeze rankings but that doesn’t help you pay bills. I know a few lads who told me they were struggling at the end of last year, so they are going to be in real trouble now. Not only them but also the staff and officials.”

“We really don’t know how long this could last. Certain experts have been saying that social distancing could last for 12 months. That could be so hard for some.”



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