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Harlow tips: Sizzling Tara should claim maiden win on Wednesday

Harlow tips: Sizzling Tara should claim maiden win on Wednesday

Greyhound expert Cheltmental returns to tackle Wednesday’s £15,000 Win 8 at Harlow. He uncovered a few strong fancies, so read on for his Harlow tips.


Cheltmental: “The perfect mix of Opens and Graded races for Harlow’s Win 8 so we’ll need some luck but I’ve got a couple I especially fancy.”


18:33 – 238M – D4

Sprints can be trappy enough races but SILVERHILL PADDY in trap 1 looks to have a serious opportunity to get back in the winning groove.

He’s not been at his best from lid rise which is a concern but both STORMY TOMMY & DODS BRUTUS in 4 and 6 respectively can ping and they rate as the chief dangers.

Selections – 1, 4, 6


18:49 – 415m – A6

The inside traps looks to have the race between them on the clock but I’m conscious there is a genuine threat from both 5 and 6 at the end of the race. Hopefully the inside trio keep themselves to themselves and if SLIPPY BABE can produce either of her last two sectionals, she should lead these up.

MILLMOUNT DAWN has a chance to slipstream her and hopefully clear FANCY BECCY in 1, who will be looking to pounce late. I would want to look for cover here given the likelihood of trouble for the main selections and BOLSHOI BLUEBELL, the sole wide seed, can show enough early to even lead this field. She has been sent off favourite in 3 of her last 4 starts, twice in this Grade and once in an A5.

Selections – 1, 2, 3, 6


19:07 – 238m – OR

The first of the open races and it’s a three runner on recent runs.

SIGNET HAWK and DECOY JUNIOR are both capable of taking this but old timer MOORS DINGO in 2 sets the standard. He might not be able to secure a clear round, which could scupper SIGNET HAWKS chance too, but having this trio on the slip means we should have this leg sewn up.

Selections – 1, 2, 4


19:23 – 415m – OR

This Maiden looks fraught with danger with all 6 runners wanting to stay away from the rails. So if anything can ping and get round it could skip clear.

PALATINE ANDER could fit that description from Trap 2 with one of his better starts and he’s lightly raced so open to loads of improvement.

Trap 1 will move off at some point so could scupper his chance and it a messy race could play into the paws of MOORS TOP DOLLAR in 6. He’s consistently slow away so could be on the receiving end of trouble which was exactly what happened last time out when he fell.

He is quick enough to take this though so, if by some measure he manages to secure a clear round, he could easily take this.

Selections – 2, 6


19:38 – 238m – OR

This sprint looks competitive enough but BURNFOOT ADAGEO is well drawn in 1 and, with a better start than last week, he’ll probably win this.

QUEEN IZZY is another who wasn’t well away last week but she showed her pace and is the other runner I think could take this with a decent start.

Selections – 1, 3


19:54 – 238m – D3

Another sprint means another leg requiring some good fortune but I’ve been impressed with DODS ROSSIE of late who looks very well drawn. He won in this Grade just 5 days ago and, having just turned 2, he’s open to further improvement.

Trap 1 would rate as the chief danger

Selection – 1, 3


20:11 – 415m – OR

PHILFEN DIVA is a decent dual distance open racer round here and, with this draw, I’d be shocked if she didn’t lead the outside.

BOCKOS RORY has an impressive 4.76 sectional from a recent trial but he’s not the most genuine and I wonder if he’ll get distracted here.

Selection – 5


20:27 – 238m – D4

We finish up where we started, back in a D4, having spent most of the night over 2 bends. This looks one of the toughest races to crack but I’m happy to take a punt on the winless SIZZLING TARA in 3.

She’s trialled well following her season, she’s turned 2 over that same time and I think she knows enough about the game to exploit this draw and level of competition

Selection – 3

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