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Who are the all time Golden State Warriors top scorers?

Certain sporting records look as though they might never be broken. Wilt Chamberlain’s points haul for the Golden State Warriors was beginning to look like one of them but he has been leapfrogged. Here we look at the top points scorers in Golden State Warriors history.


Top 5 scorers in Golden State Warriors history


5. Chris Mullin (16,235 points)

Coming in at number five on the list of the top points scorers in Golden State Warriors history is Chris Mullin. He’s already enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame courtesy of his induction in 2011 and was also a part of the infamous USA Dream Team during the 1992 Olympics. That’s not where his legacy stops though.

Mullins is also, at present at least, the all-time leader in games played for the Warriors. It’s not the record we’re focusing on but 807 games for one franchise is still some achievement. Then there are the points managing to rack up 16,235. Over the course of his career that gives him a 20.1 points per game average on a fantastic 51/37/86 shooting split. Performance wise, he helped the Warriors reach the playoffs five different times. The NBA Championship, however, remained out of reach.


4. Paul Arizin (16,266 points)

Paul Arizin is a man that doesn’t nearly get the credit he deserves when people talk about the greatest players of all time. That’s in circles much wider than just the Warriors too. He’s fourth on the list of Golden State Warriors top scorers courtesy of ability and, more importantly, his loyalty which saw him represent the (then) Philadelphia Warriors for the entirety of his 10 season NBA career. However, when he retired he was third on the list of all time points scorers in the NBA.

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Arizin helped the side to the post season on eight occasions, led the league on points twice and collected the NBA Championship once in 1956. It’s worth pointing out that he had a two season hiatus to serve in the Korean war too. With an average points haul of 1,627 per season, it’s feasible he’d have been topping this list without it.


3. Rick Barry (16,447 points)

When you think of big points scorers, Rick Barry is a name that, like Arizin, is often forgotten particularly by younger fans. As such, the fact he ranks third on the list of the top point scorers in Golden State Warriors history may come as a surprise to some people. Barry was actually the main scorer on the team’s first ever NBA Championship back in 1975.

Barry, who won the NBA Finals MVP award for this role in that 75 triumph, spent a grand total of six seasons with the Warriors. Throughout that time, he put up 16,447 total points, winning a scoring title one year and being named to six different All-NBA teams. His average of 25.6 points per game also sees him rank third on the Warriors list of PPG leaders.


2. Wilt Chamberlain (17,783)

Statistics don’t tell you the whole story and sometimes you have to judge things with your eyes. Whatever measure you use though, as far as Wilt Chamberlain is concerned, you come to the same conclusion; he is one of the greatest players of all time. Chamberlain spent five-and-a-half-years with the Warriors and, boy, did he make the most of it.

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He went on to play 429 games for the organisation scoring a whopping 17,783 total points during that period. We’ll save you the maths; Chamberlain was averaging a quite ridiculous 41.5 points per game for Warriors. When you consider that Michael Jordan is the NBA career leader in PPG at 30.12 – with Chamberlain second at 30.07 – managing 41.5 over a period of near on six years it utterly insane. What’s more insane though, is the fact that the team never won a championship with him in the side.


1. Steph Curry (18,388)

The four names we’ve already discussed in this list all boast Hall of Fame recognition. Steph Curry will join them in time. That is a guarantee. He’s been sensational in a far from sensational team this season and he’s breaking franchise records along the way to ensure he’s remembered in history. He’s already sitting top of the Warriors list for three pointers and free throw conversion and, in April, he surpassed Chamberlain’s points haul.

How did he manage it? Well, a career average of 24.2 points per game helps but a drastic increase on that to 31.9 this season has been the clincher. With 18,388 already to his name who knows where he’ll end up. What we can confirm is that he’ll retire with at least three NBA Championships and two MVP awards to his name. That makes him the standout player in Golden State Warriors history and top of the list of scorers.



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