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Gerwyn Price: “All I ask is for a little respect”

Gerwyn Price: “All I ask is for a little respect”

The Iceman is the hottest darts player on the planet right now. Gerwyn Price has lived up to his moniker and stayed cool when everyone else around him lost their heads. Now he’s on fire.

He’s reached the final of five of the last 10 tournaments, winning two of the last three including the Belgian Darts Championship at the weekend. Price is also the only unbeaten player left in the Premier League before facing Glen Durrant in Exeter on Thursday night. But the passionate Welshman has had to deal with the boos for two years and it’s made him a stronger person and player.Gerwyn Price

Speaking exclusively to Phil Lanning for Colossus, Gerwyn Price said: “I like being in the limelight but sometimes it’s tough to play against crowds that are on your back. But the last couple of months they have been good to me. I’m just going to keep being myself and doing what I do. If that puts me in the limelight or out of it, then so be it.”

“It was tough last year going to all the venues in the Premier League and getting booed. But I’ve come through it all and it’s made me a better and stronger player. I’m used to all the situations now. I’ve had 12 to 18 months of pure hell off the crowds and it’s made me the player I am. Even though I had all that to deal with last year, it was my biggest and best year yet.”

“Hopefully with the crowd off my back and cheering me on I can go on to bigger and better things. I’m definitely a better player. I have to concentrate every week and whatever challenges are thrown at me now I know how to deal with them. Whether people like it or not, they are probably going to see the old me.”

“It doesn’t bother me what the crowd thinks – it only bothers me what they do. I don’t mind them booing me when I walk on or when I’m going for trebles because you are in a rhythm. But when it comes to crucial doubles and match-winning chances, the jeers and the whistles are a bit too much. Just show a little respect, that’s all I ask.”

“If I miss three darts at a double, boo me all you like – I don’t care. But when you have the darts in your hand, and you are shooting for a double to win the leg, that’s the most important time. I should not have to play within myself just to block it out, and I’m not going to do it from now on.”

“People think I behave in a certain way to put opponents off, but I do it because it actually makes me play better. If I’m bottling things in, and I don’t let the energy out, I don’t seem to play as well. I just need to be myself.”

Gerwyn Price has undoubtedly become a better player since stepping back off social media and not getting involved in Twitter tittle tattle.Gerwyn Price

He admits the abuse all got out of hand, adding: “I’m still on Twitter but my wife handles it, so I don’t see much of the abuse or negativity. I tend to filter it by reading the first few words, and if it’s clearly negative I just don’t bother with the rest.”

“As hard as it is to ignore the rubbish, I get a lot more positive messages than negative ones. But it’s way below the belt when some bloke messages my 12-year-old daughter on Twitter with some stuff about me – that sort of thing shouldn’t happen.”

“Luckily, she has a good head on her and it doesn’t bother her. It affects me more, as a protective father, but she’s a good girl. It comes with the territory but it shouldn’t happen. Since I came off Twitter, I’ve played a lot better in the last 12 months.”



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