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Which football supporters have the best relationships with their clubs?

The link between clubs and football supporters is what gives sides their own unique aura. The happier the crowds, the more power clubs command at home. It’s why the relationship between the two sides needs to remain healthy for sides to flourish on all fronts. It’s become an all too common sight for oligarchs and billionaires taking over sides not caring about fans and the prestige surrounding a club. However, the powers at be sometime recognize the assets they hold and find ways to keep everyone happy on all fronts. So supporters have the best relationships with their clubs in European football?


Which football supporters have the best relationships with their clubs?



Ajax have dominated Dutch football for decades and have amassed a large and loyal fan base that follows the side across the continent. The reason for the cult following: the club plays for the fans. Thus was no more evident during the COVID pandemic where Ajax were crowned champions of the 2020/21 Eredivisie season.

With almost the entirety of the season played in empty stadiums, Ajax decided to reward their members in a mind-blowing way. They melted down the trophy into enough pieces and rewarded each club member with a small medal made from the trophy to thank them for sticking with them. It’s a move that has proven why Ajax remain one of the most popular sides in all of the continent.


Manchester City

Manchester City might be one of the richest clubs in the world but it doesn’t mean that the club has forgotten where it has come from. This is because they run dozens of community projects to promote equality both in Manchester and across the world. City’s community programmes – known as City In The Community – has put the club’s vast resources to good use to help fans who might not enjoy the same rights as the owners do.

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With projects having expanded across Asia, Africa and South America too, it’s a rewarding presence that has enabled to grow City’s fan base to global proportions over the last decade and a half.



Football supporters of Roma often steal the headlines for all the wrong reasons but few clubs remain as dedicated to their cause. Despite the bad press, the Italian giants often put the best interests of their fans at heart. For example, Roma asked fans what they wanted as they looked to revamp their experiences at home games.

The end result was introducing new apps and a completely reworked website that puts the fan first and access anything they need in an instant. It was a revolutionary approach that made visiting the Stadio Olimpico a memorable experience for even the most casual fan.


Bayern Munich

Germany has seen its fair share of horrors in recent history and Munich found itself at the epicenter of some of these. It’s why Bayern Munich’s owners and fans stand together on major issues plaguing society. It has seen the club and fans put out huge messages to combat social stigmas whether it be gender equality, racism or anti-Semitism.

By putting on such a united front, it has made the club a striking talisman that puts everyone on the same level regardless of their class, gender or race. An excellent stance from one of the giants of European football.



Celtic are one of the few clubs in the UK that have remained prominent worldwide despite not being part of English football. The reason for that: giving back to their fans in any way possible. One of the biggest ways is through the sheer amount of charity work the club produces.

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From hosting charity matches to gala balls to support local and national charities for all causes, Celtic have proven themselves to be one of the biggest charitable sporting institutions anywhere in the UK. It is a reason why The Bhoys are so revered in Glasgow and many other parts of the country.



Leicester’s rise from relegation favourites to title holders and mainstays in the top half of the Premier League has been remarkable. This has come thanks to a phenomenal rapport between the clubs owners, King Power, and the football supporters. Upon winning the title, the board offered all fans free drinks at the start of the new season as a celebratory remark.

These sort of gestures alongside numerous community projects have engaged into a true love affair between all sides. So much so that when then chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha died in a helicopter crash in 2018, there was a huge outpouring of grief from all fans showing the sheer level of love between club and fans. It’s an example model for any club to follow anywhere in the world.



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