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UEFA EURO 2020 play-off draw – How does it work?

Draw: 22 November 2019

Final draw: 30 November 2019

Semi-finals: 26 March 2020

Finals: 31 March 2020

How does it work?

The UEFA EURO 2020 play-off draw takes place at midday CET on this Friday. The games itself will be played in March 2020. 16 countries will compete for the last 4 qualifying spots for UEFA Euro 2020.

The teams will be selected based on the their performance in the 2018/19 Nations League. The UEFA Nations League group winners will all be involved. However, 20 teams have already qualified via Euro 2020 qualification. So, if a group winner has already qualified, their spot goes to the next best-ranked nation.

Once the 16 nations have been determined, they will be divided in 4 groups. Each group will have its own play-off path. Each route will have 2 single-leg semi-finals and one single-leg final. The better-ranked team, based upon their performance in the UEFA Nations League, will host the semi-final in their own country. The host of the final will be decided by a draw. The winner of each path will then qualify for Euro 2020 and join the 20 nations who have already qualified.

4 paths

Path A: Iceland, Bulgaria/Israel/Hungary/Romania*

Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland

Path C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria/Israel/Hungary/Romania*

Path D: Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus

*A draw will decide which of Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary or Romania will fill the empty slot in Path C, and which three go into Path A.

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