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Bully Boy Michael Smith sick of being croc-ked

Bully Boy Michael Smith sick of being croc-ked

Bully Boy Michael Smith has admitted that eating crocodile ruined his pre-Premier League holiday but has now put some bite back into his title hopes. The St.Helens stormer is finally starting to get the results his form deserves after a stuttering start to the campaign.

Bully Boy smashed Jonny Clayton in Cardiff in week 3 of the Premier League week to roar up the table and faces Daryl Gurney in another crunch clash on Thursday night in Dublin.bully boy

Speaking exclusively to Phil Lanning for Colossus, Smith admitted: “After my World Championship defeat I just walked away from darts for six weeks. I went on holiday in Thailand and had the perfect break with my family. That’s what I needed.”

“But I had a dodgy kebab one night with some crocodile and that really floored me, it wasn’t nice I can tell you. The rest of the time we bathed some elephants and that was pretty awesome. It was just what I needed before the Premier League to be honest.”

A former Premier League and World Championship finalist, Smith is seeking a first major win and that will happen eventually. It has to for a man of his incredible talent. However, Bully Boy will be hoping for an injury-free run after a succession of knocks during the past decade.

He’s suffered 27 broken bones in the wrists, a broken thigh, broken right arm twice, broken left hand, abscess in the groin, broken toe and two bouts of gout.bully boy

You’d think it was the injury list of a Formula One driver and just before Christmas Bully Boy was back in hospital for a chest operation to remove a lump for his right side. It undoubtedly affected his World Championship performance. Now a more trim looking Smith is toe-ing the oche at – but not too close because he broke it!

He revealed: “I had a lump on the right side of my chest. It was a bit weird and hurt me when I was throwing so I had it removed. It wasn’t a big lump or anything sinister, it was just bothering me. Luckily docs didn’t think it was anything that bad, so they didn’t want to do a biopsy on it or anything.”

“I’m more dominant with my right arm and that’s where it was giving me pain. I just wanted to get rid of it. In the end I had a lot of stuff removed from both sides so it didn’t look odd once they had removed the lump. I’m flat-chested now!”

“It was quite awkward because I had to walk around for four days with drains attached to me for the blood. I then ended up breaking my the big toe on my right foot. It was hard to walk and carry the drains about at the same time. I was practising with the drains dangling from me.”

“I slipped trying to put on the light switch and didn’t want to drop the drains, I turned round a booted the floor and I kickebully boyd the electric box and broke my toe. It’s not too painful thankfully but not ideal either. I seem to cause so much harm to myself, this year has been pretty bad.”

Bully Boy broke his wrists after slipping on ice when he was younger and then broke his thigh soon after. Now Smith has been suffering all year from gout and admits he is sick of struggling with injuries. But is hopeful of a clean bill of health.

He added: “None of the knocks I get bother me, I just crack on.  I’ve not been 100 per cent for a while. Hopefully I can stay OK for 2020 and finally win that major title I want so much.”



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